Khalilah Reddie came to campus with one mission: to teach organic chemistry and teach it well.  After earning a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Georgia, Reddie did research at Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute. But she also taught classes as a lecturer – and found a passion for teaching that outstripped her interest in research.  Organic chemistry is a difficult class, and before Reddie arrived at UMass Lowell in fall 2012, about 55 percent of students completed it. But Reddie, a full-time lecturer, has changed that by experimenting with different approaches to see what works. Now, 85 percent of students complete the course.
Khalilah Reddie, Ph.D., MAGIC Program Director

The Medical Profession Admission Gap Initiative and Collaboration (MAGIC) program is an inspired effort to enhance the success rate of students who aspire to become healthcare professionals and scientific researchers. This endeavor demonstrates Professor Khalilah Reddie's commitment to helping students achieve their goals through elevating academic performance and guiding early career development. 

The MAGIC program is supported by the Office of the Provost, Office for Pre-Health Advising, College Based Advising Office, and Office of Multicultural Affairs. For more information about the MAGIC program, please email