Assistive Technology Resources

Depending on your needs, you may benefit from the following Assistive Technology resources.

Livescribe Smart Pen

While you're writing, your smart pen is remembering–linking everything you hear to everything you write. Later, simply tap on your notes to replay the recording.

Text to Speech

There are many free options to have your digital course materials read aloud. Please see some of the popular options below and be sure to make an appointment with our office to go over them in detail, if they would assist your in your learning.

Voice Dictation

Voice dictation can be a helpful tool when trying to work on ideas for a paper. It can be enabled in Word, Google Docs, and other programs for free.

Phonak - Assistive Tech Listening Device

Phonak - Assistive Tech Listening Device

FM Systems

For people who are hard of hearing, an FM system can be used in a classroom to amplify the voice of the professor. The system is an individual piece of technology that the student will use. It consists of a FM transmitter/microphone that the speaker will wear and a FM receiver/headphone that the listener will wear.

Transformer - Portable Electronic Magnifier


UMass Lowell vLabs allows students, faculty and staff to access software that would normally only be in computer labs found on-campus. They can now be accessed at anytime from anywhere, including residence halls, libraries, and even from home. You now have access to any tool or application available in an on-campus lab on your Laptop, home PC, and even your tablet or smartphone.

Downloadable instructions can be found on the UMass Lowell IT website. You will need your UMass Lowell credentials to log in.


To discuss any assistive technology matters, please make an assistive technology appointment on the Accommodate website.