A number of programs are available that offer support for your UMass Lowell education.

Financial Supports

Chromebook Loan Program

This program is a short -term loaner program designed to provide computer access to actively enrolled students who do not have access to a reliable laptop or other computer. Chromebooks provide students with access to the internet and UMass Lowell’s vLabs. Please note that, due to limited availability, the Chromebook loan program is only for students who do not have access to another laptop. Get started by submiting a request for a Chromebook loan.

Book Purchases with Financial Aid

Knowing when and how to purchase books can be challenging, especially in the first couple of weeks when you may be adjusting your course schedule, be on a course waiting list, or focused on getting to campus. The Bookstore Advancement is an available line of credit at the UMass Lowell Book. It offers you a simple way to access your financial aid for bookstore purchases to enable you succeed academically.

Resources for Fellowships & Scholarships

River Hawk Scholarship Portal

The River Hawk Scholarship portal is the primary gateway for current students to apply for UMass Lowell (UML), non-UML and private external opportunities.

Office of National Scholarships

The Office of National Scholarships assists students interested in pursuing national scholarship opportunities with the application process.