At UMass Lowell, the Atmospheric Science concentration focuses on the study of the various facets of weather, climate and air pollution control. Meteorology and weather forecasting has been the primary employment field for concentration graduates.

Meteorologists study the physical causes of weather and climate and apply this knowledge to forecasting, as well as to analyzing the influence of weather and climate on public health, agriculture, engineering, industry, commerce, national defense and other facets of society. The more broadly trained atmospheric scientist also will find opportunities in air pollution research and control.

Meteorologists and atmospheric scientists are employed by the agencies of the federal government, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Weather Service and the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as by state and local governments, commercial aviation companies and private consulting firms. 

A significant number of concentration graduates continue their education in graduate school. These students are advised to develop competencies in science, mathematics and computer science beyond the required science and mathematics core.

Course of Study

The Atmospheric Science concentration focuses on meteorology, but also includes components dealing with atmospheric physics and chemistry, solar-terrestrial and ocean-atmosphere interactions, air pollution and air pollution control, and global climate change due to man-made emissions. The program educates students about the fundamental principles and techniques of physics and mathematics that are necessary for understanding atmospheric behavior and for solving practical problems concerning weather, climate and air pollution. Because atmospheric science is primarily the application of the principles and techniques of physical sciences to the study of the atmosphere, the curriculum specifies a substantial core of supporting science and mathematics courses.

For more information on admission, retention and degree requirements, please refer to the UMass Lowell Online Undergraduate Catalog. To learn about the requirements for this major and a proposed four-year course of study, please visit the the Degree Pathways for Atmospheric Science.