Welcome to the Department of Environmental, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

The department offers the following majors:

  • B.A. in Environmental Science with Sustainability option 
  • B.S. in Environmental Science with Environmental Science option and Geoscience option
  • B.S. in Meteorology & Atmospheric Science
All majors provide foundations in chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and interdisciplinary understanding of how the Earth system works. 

Department focus areas are: climate and climate change research, decision support, and education; forecasting of weather and extreme events; us of state-of-the-art analytical laboratory and field methods in geochemistry and pollution research; and assessment of Earth system changes from geologic to modern time scales. 

Career opportunities of graduates include private and public sector employment in research and environmental consulting, weather/climate forecasting, flood predictions and management, water/air/soil pollution control and remediation, traditional and renewable energy research, resource exploration and development, environmental impact assessments, and sustainability.

Prospective students are encouraged to explore our Programs of Study and are free to contact us with any questions.

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