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First-Year Orientation & Transfer Registration

Helping students successfully transition into their first semester at UMass Lowell!

The University of Massachusetts Lowell First-Year Orientation and Transfer Registration program is required for all accepted students entering the university.


We are currently moving forward with our First-Year Orientation and Transfer Registration sessions as planned, however we will continue to monitor the regulations set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and will adjust accordingly. Should there be changes, we will communicate with you for next steps.
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Take a virtual walking tour of our citywide campus in English, Spanish, Khmer or Mandarin and find out what all the buzz is about.


First-Year Students

The UMass Lowell First-Year Orientation Program is required for all students entering the university. It is the only opportunity you, as an incoming student, will have to meet with your advisor and get the information you need to start your semester.

Orientation is designed to give you the foundation you need to make a successful start in your student career. You will get a preview of life as an undergraduate and a chance to have your questions answered. Orientation sessions are organized by college and major, so the students you meet at Orientation are the students you will be sitting next to in class. In addition, our Orientation Leaders are current students. They can give you the inside track on campus life, professors, and just about anything.

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Transfer Students

All new transfer students are required to complete the Transfer Registration process before enrolling for classes. Transfer Registration can be completed one of two ways: the two-step Transfer Accelerated Registration Program, or an on-campus Transfer Registration Day. There are multiple sessions available for each major. We encourage you to select the earliest date that fits in your schedule!

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International Students

All new international students are required to complete the New International Student Orientation before enrolling for classes. Organized by the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA), the New International Student Orientation is on January 17, 2020. Undergraduate students MUST attend a First-Year Orientation or Transfer Registration Day on January 16th or before. This orientation is for both graduate and undergraduate international students and includes an ISSO immigration clearance session, health insurance presentation, campus tour, meeting your advisor, learning about campus life at UMass Lowell and much more. You will be assigned an OMA Ambassador as a mentor for your first few months on campus.

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