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Office for Faculty/Staff

office 2016

License Coverage

MS Office is licensed for all active faculty and staff. Please read the instructions below as we have two separate products. MS Office is also available in vLabs.

Office 2016 has arrived!

On March 1, 2017, Microsoft Office 2016 will be the standard productivity software at UMass Lowell. Systems that are not running Office 2016 will be upgraded administratively by Information Technology over the month of March. In order to reduce interruption from your work, IT strongly recommends upgrading to Office 2016 at your convenience through our self-service software portal before March 1, 2017.

Reasons to upgrade

  1. Easier to collaborate; In Word, PowerPoint and Excel, there's easy sharing right from within the app.
  2. New chart types in Word, PowerPoint and Excel; visualize data, and highlight statistical properties of your data with new chart types: new exciting chart types.
  3. Faster, easier ways to get data into Excel: Excel includes a powerful new set of features called Get & Transform.
  4. Faster attachments in Outlook: Attach a recently opened document and share them with email recipients.
  5. Smart Lookup in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook: Fact-check or explore terms in your documents.

Software Download

For installation on university owned computers:

  • MS Office 2016 for Windows: 
    • Make sure all Office applications are closed.
    • Open the Self-Service Portal which is located on the desktop (Note: if you do not see Self-Service, it may be listed as Portal Manager in your list of programs.)
    • Select Applications on the Left
    • Select Microsoft Office 2016 to select the check box
    • Click on the Install button
    • You will see a box that indicates that Microsoft Office 2016 is downloading and at what percentage.
    • Please note that it is best to connected through an ethernet cable rather than using wi-fi for better performance.
    • Once the download has finished, you will see another box indicating that Microsoft Office is installing.
    • Let this run through and the box will disappear once it is finished. 
                    *MS Project 2016 and Visio 2016 is located in the Self-Service Portal also.
  • MS Office 2016 for Mac:

    • First go to the applications folder and select the Self Service Icon.
      self service icon
    • Then you will be taken to the Self Service portal and then you can select:
      uml office 2016 install
    • Then click on install and Office 2016 will install in the background.
    • As always, if you have any questions please call the service desk at 978-934-4357.

For installation on personally-owned computers (Windows and Mac):

This software may be run on Windows and Apple computers, IPads, Android, Windows phones, and iPhones. System requirements for all platforms.

  • For personally-owned computers: To download and install on your personal laptop or desktop, visit Office 365. Use your UMass Lowell credentials to log in.
  • For mobile devices: Office 365 mobile setup instructions for each operating system.
    • iOS (Iphone or iPad): Open the App Store and search for Office 365. Download and install the app you want. Log in using your UMass Lowell credentials.
    • Android (cell or tablet): Open the Google Play store and search for Microsoft Office. Download and install the app named "Microsoft Office Mobile." Open the app and enter your UMass Lowell credentials.

Technical Support

For technical support, enter a UMass Lowell service desk ticket.

Microsoft applications included with this license:

PC v:2016********
Mac v:2016*****
iPad v:iPad****
iPhone v:Mobile****
Android v:Mobile****