Are you always excited to see what the new version of software looks and feels like? Do you want to be the first to get new things? The IT Trailblazers program is designed to let users volunteer to get the latest and greatest. IT Trailblazers will be the first to receive patches, new operating systems and desktop productivity software. Updates and software will be delivered to testers in different teams. Trailblazers on the red team will receive updates first, then the yellow team and finally the green team – after this phase updates and software will be deployed to campus.

Program highlights:

  • You will now be able to PAUSE, DELAY and SCHEDULE reboots
  • You will be able to provide feedback on software before it gets widely deployed
  • Begin the patching process at a convenient time of your choosing
  • You will be the first to get the new self-service portal on Windows
  • Install software when you want from the self-service portal
  • Your service requests (tickets) will be expedited and will get immediate visibility by IT management
This is the for Windows users only. If you use a MAC, you are not eligible for the Trailblazers program.

This program will enable Information Technology to more reliably and systematically deploy technology with less disruption to the user community and get your feedback every step of the way. We look forward to having comprehensive test and pilot phases that allow us to catch issues more quickly. After enrollment users will see a new program install called Ivanti – this software will replace KACE. The software is configured to scan devices and provide necessary updates in a phased approach. If the updates do not require a reboot – users will see nothing. If the update does require a reboot, there will be a prompt to do so with options to reboot in 10 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours or you can choose a time that works better for you. Trailblazers will have an extended time for reboot; this is set to seven days. If updates do not require a reboot you will see nothing and not be prompted – patches will be installed silently.

This is the trailblazers team layout.

Trailblazer teamsTiming
Red teamReceive updates first, approximately 1 week after public release.
Yellow teamReceive updates second, approximately 3 days after red.
Green teamReceive updates third, directly preceding general campus release, approximately 2 days after yellow.
Blue team (general campus population)Receive updates one week after the green team, roughly 2-3 weeks after general release.

Students are welcome to enroll in the program to test new WiFi and networking services that are in beta. We welcome feedback and input from the entire campus community.

If you have any questions about the Trailblazers program please reach out by email: