Celeste Tremblay

Celeste Tremblay

Clinical Associate Professor Emerita

Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences
Susan and Alan Solomont School of Nursing


Clinical Expertise in the Areas of: Nursing Administration, Critical Care, Medical/Surgical and Maternity Nursing.

Research Interests

Nursing administration, critical care, medical/surgical and maternity nursing.

Nursing informatics and technology focus. Works with Sim Man simulation, PDAs; her research involves technology and its effect on medication errors.


  • Other: Education Leadership in Schooling, (2010), University of Massachusetts Lowell - Lowell MA
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Nurses Perceptions of Technology and its Impact on Nursing Medication Errors
  • MS: Medical Surgical (education option), (1978), Boston University - Boston MA
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Unpublished Research Project: Reality Shock, What it is and What Causes it
  • BS: Nursing, (1972), Lowell State College - Lowell, Massachusetts

Selected Awards and Honors

  • 2015 Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence (2015), Teaching - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Teaching Excellence Award (2012) - UMass Lowell Nursing Department
  • Faculty Recognition Award (2008), Teaching - National Student Athletes Day Award Ceremony, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Selected Publications

  • Tremblay, C. (2010). . Nurses' Perceptions of Technology and Its Impact on Nursing Medication Errors.

Selected Presentations

  • The Art of Creating Affinity: Teaching Across Cultural Perspectives, May 2014
  • Haiti to Boston: Reflections of a Medical volunteer, April 2014
  • Nursing Grand rounds: How Mental Health Issues Impact the Care of the Hospitalized Medical Patient, February 2014
  • Infection Control, December 2013
  • Paving your Future in Nursing, November 2013
  • Prevention of Medical Errors, November 2013
  • Food insecurity among older adults: a social ecological approach, October 2013
  • HIV/AIDS Update, October 2013
  • The Gift of Mentoring Dr. Jacqueline Dowling, April 2013
  • Creating a culture of Advising: Advising for Student Success, April 2013
  • Lecture Capture Workshop, March 2013
  • Mastering Lab Interpretation & the Implications for Patient Care, June 2012
  • Writing For Publication Made Ridiculously Easy, October 2011
  • Blackboard all day learning seminar, June 2011
  • Faculty Cultural Awareness Dr. Rumay Alexander, May 2011
  • SHE Research Day , April 2011
  • The Scale up Project: Student-Centered Active Learning Environments, April 2011
  • Teaching first year students: Lessons learned and new directions, November 2010
  • Technology and its impact on medication errorsfounders day Eta Omega chapter of Sigma Theta Tau nursing honor society, October 2010
  • Technology and its impact on medication errorsfindings presentation to technology committee, June 2010 Lowell General Hospital
  • Event 85 Promotion &Tenure Workshop UML, June 2010
  • Omnia full day workshop on women's issues, June 2010
  • 18th Annual conference for nurse educators sponsored by River(Two day workshop) June 2-3, June 2010
  • Technology and its impact on medication errorsfindings presentation to Nursing research committee , May 2010 Lowell General Hospital
  • Diversity workshop follow up Dr. Rumay Alexander, May 2010
  • UML SHE retreat Enrollment, Staffing, Research, Budget, & Space, May 2010
  • Wiki workshop UML, January 2010
  • Diversity workshop Dr. Rumay Alexander, 2009
  • Learning Communities/Learning Commons at UML Conversation dinner, 2009
  • Omnia full day workshop on women's issues, 2009
  • Full Day Inservice Sim Baby, August 2009
  • "Don't Leave Me this Way advocacy from a patient perspective" Eta Omega, 2008
  • 16th Annual conference for nurse educators sponsored by Rivier (Three day workshop), 2008
  • 2 day workshop SUN simulation user network, 2008
  • Camtasia5 Studio Creating Rich Instructional Materials, 2008
  • Dr. Kozol teaching, 2008
  • Knowledge of Hidden Rules: What we should know about them and why (diversity), 2008
  • University of Massachusetts Instructional Technology Conference, 2008
  • Bridging the gap between the PDA and Tablet in Healthcare: The Mobile Portable Computer at the bedsideUniversity of Massachusetts Instructional Technology Conference, April 2008
  • Parental Alienation State of Maine2007 Joint Judiciary Committee of the Maine legislature, 2007
  • Eta Omega Induction Dr Abdallah Making a Difference through service, 2007
  • Leading the way a new Model for nursing in Gerontological care settings, 2007
  • Sigma presentation research conducted by Drs. Doherty, Reed and Pierce, 2007
  • Technology dinner series speech, 2007
  • Transforming Healthcare II: The PDA at the Point-of-Care, 2007
  • PAS 2 day conference, 2006
  • Sleep research presentation by Dr. G. McNerny Sigma Theta Tau (Eta Omega Chapter) Conference, 2005
  • Presentation given by Dr. Pat otoni Birth in an unfamiliar culture:The lived Experience(Sigma Theta Tau (Eta Omega Chapter)conference, 2004
  • Proper Body Mechanics and How to do a work station evaluation, 2003
  • Health issues and Concerns of Women with Disabilities. ANA, 2002
  • Recognizing and how to handle at Risk/dangerous employees, 2002

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Bridging the Gap between the PDA and Tablet in Healthcare (2007), Grant - University of Massachusetts Lowell
    Tremblay, C., Scollin, P., Callahan, J., Koren, A.
  • UMass Lowell Nursing Department Teaching excellence award (2012), -
    Tremblay, C.
  • Nursing Simulation Collaborative (2008), Grant - Nursing Departments of UML and Lowell General Hospital
    Tremblay, C. (Supporting), Jacqueline, D.,
  • faculty member who inspired the student athlete (soccer) who attained the highest GPA (2008), -
    Tremblay, C.