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Chung-Dar Lu

Chung-Dar Lu Professor, Clinical Science Program Director


Bacterial Physiology and Genetics

Research Interest

Systems Microbiology; Functional Genomics; Antibiotic Resistance; Metabolic Pathways

Educational Background

Georgia State University, PhD in Biological Sciences (1991)
National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan, BS in Medical Technology (1984)


Chung-Dar Lu, Ph.D., is Professor of Bacterial Physiology and Genetics in the Department of Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences at UMass Lowell. He also holds adjunct appointment in the Department of Biology at Georgia State University (GSU), and in the Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology at China Medical University in Taiwan. Chung-Dar Lu’s research focuses on Systems Microbiology, Functional Genomics, Antibiotic Resistance, and Exploration of Metabolic Pathways. His interdisciplinary research projects in collaboration with colleagues in Chemistry and in Computer have been funded by the National Science Foundation. Lu is very active in education. Before joining UMass Lowell, he served as Director of the Ph.D. program in Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, Associate Director of the Molecular Basis of Diseases Program, and member of the Center for Diagnostics and Therapeutics at GSU. He also established international exchange programs including the Summer Study Abroad program for undergraduates and the M.S. Graduate Research Program.