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John Shirley

John Shirley Professor


Sound recording technology, composition, electroacoustic music, harmonica

Educational Background

Ph.D. in Music Composition from the University of Chicago


Professor Shirley, Ph.D. joined the UMass Lowell faculty in 1998. He is an active composer in multiple genres, a recording engineer, record producer, software designer and author as well as singer, guitarist, and harmonica player. His latest 5-song EP, Not So Blue, can be found on his YouTube Channel. Other selected works and posts can be found on his channel as well, including Sonic Nijutsu, a CD collection of his electroacoustic music released on the C74 label. His work is also available from online retailers including iTunes and cdbaby.

Shirley is a contributing editor for Recording Magazine, with some 74 articles in print and on the web. His web column, "The Compleat Recording Musician" is archived on their website. His book “The Savvy Studio Owner” is available from Hal Leonard."

In 2002 Prof. Shirley received a Fulbright grant in support of travels through Cambodia recording and cataloging various classical and folk musics. In that same year he founded the UMass Lowell Contemporary Electronic Ensemble.