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William Moylan

William Moylan Professor, Coordinator


Sound recording technology, music theory

Educational Background

Bachelor of Music in Composition, Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University; Master of Music in Composition, University of Toronto; Doctor of Arts in Music Theory and Composition, Ball State University


William Moylan has been teaching audio recording since 1979. Under his guidance, the sound recording technology program at UMass Lowell has become recognized as one of the strongest in the nation and has gained a significant international presence and reputation. The SRT program is one of the signature programs of our campus.

As producer and engineer, Moylan has recorded many leading artists and ensembles in a broad cross-section of music genres. His recordings have been released by major and independent record labels and have resulted in wide recognition, including several Grammy Award nominations in the best classical album category and others.

William Moylan's most recent book, Understanding and Crafting the Mix: the Art of Recording, third edition has been adopted by many recording programs world-wide and has been translated into Chinese and Italian. It is unique in its focus on the artistic and creative aspects of the recording process, and the development of listening skills.

Prof. Moylan is an international leader in aural skills pedagogy to develop listening skills for comprehending musical materials in and the unique sound qualities of recordings. His “Critical and Analytical Listening” course has distinguished our program and its graduates.

Moylan helped design and now teaches the “Structure, Context & Style” course, a required music theory and music history course required of all graduate music students; it brings graduate students to a synergistic understanding of music’s structural elements and musical materials, cultural and historic contexts, and stylistic characteristics, seeking to allow students to approach any type of music with clarity of purpose and adequate tools for understanding its materials and meanings.

Additionally, Prof. Moylan is the composer of over forty published compositions encompassing a variety of style and media, eight of which have been commercially recorded.