Starting a career in audio recording has traditionally involved training through an informal apprenticeship system. With the rush of new technologies that have revolutionized the recording industry in recent years, and the opportunities that new media are opening up for recording professionals, a higher level of training and education in music, media and technology is now required for any meaningful employment, even at the entry level. The Sound Recording Technology (SRT) program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell is one of the few programs in the U.S. offering this course of study, and provides the motivated student with the practical and theoretical background needed for success in the industry.

The goal of the program is to produce a musically sophisticated and sensitive professional with sufficient technical knowledge to excel in today's production industry and to easily keep pace with its rapidly changing technology. The program combines studies in physics, electrical engineering, computer science, and advanced mathematics, with traditional studies in music and at least nine courses in the art and technology of recording.

The program's fine recording, editing, sound reinforcement, video, testing, synthesis, and MIDI facilities allow the student to become proficient at operating and creatively using a wide variety of equipment. Our many diverse performance spaces provide real-world opportunities for problem-solving.

The faculty of the SRT program are well-trained educators and active industry professionals, drawn from the wealth of high-technology, broadcasting, recording, and production talent in the greater Boston area, as well as the region's cultural and artistic communities.

The breadth of our SRT major program prepares a musically sophisticated graduate with a broad understanding of the technical aspects of the recording industry. The successful student's understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of the discipline, coupled with comprehensive music training, prepares him or her for a wide variety of professions.

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