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Rebecca Farnham

Music Performance


Bachelor of Music in Performance (Instrumental or Vocal)

In recent years, rapid advancement in information technology, radical shifts in global culture, and evolving contemporary popular opinion have drastically redefined the career landscape for the performing musician.

In response to these global circumstances, UMass Lowell seeks to train music performers of the modern era who have developed a sense of personal entrepreneurship that can be applied within both traditional and newly emerging performance contexts. For students who seek careers as a modern day performing musician, UMass Lowell offers a Bachelor of Music in Music Performance in the instrumental or vocal area of their choice.

female-student-playing-violin-orchestra Photo by Tory Germann


UMass Lowell's Performance Program has a tri-fold mission:

  1. To prepare musicians for viable careers in performance through acquisition of technical, creative, and entrepreneurial skills;
  2. To promote, preserve and advance live music and the performing arts in American society; and
  3. To produce the next generation of musical innovators, thinkers, and leaders.

Application for Performance Specialization

Information about the application process, as well as admission and retention requirements and curricula can be found in the UMass Lowell online Undergraduate Catalog.