Policy Title: Hospitality & Event Space Reservation and Use Policy

Policy Number: SA-7-102

Effective As Of: August 28, 2014

Next Review Date: August 28, 2017

Responsible Office: Hospitality & Event Services

Responsible Position: Executive Director of Hospitality & Event Services

I. Policy Statement

In 2013, The University created and charged the Office of Hospitality & Event Services with developing a policy to rationalize the use of all university spaces ensuring the distribution of costs to the end users. Understanding that there is a significant variety of university spaces as well as mission driven and affiliated programs, a uniform set of standards needed to be developed and fairly applied to maintain our facilities and deliver quality service to university personnel and outside constituents.

During its first year, Hospitality & Event Services processed and supported over 15,000 events throughout the university. Hospitality & Event Services also successfully launched the university’s first full summer of conference programs, with projected gross revenues near $1.75 million for the first three years, and an estimated 9,400+ new guests to the university.

A major initiative of this process has been to reform the university’s space-use policies and practices. To that end, we’ve researched (20) public universities with comparable spaces in diverse settings, and derived our policy process for events on campus, with particular attention to space charges for events (i.e., meetings, conferences and other special events). Rates for space use on campus will be determined three main categories/criteria: Internal, Affiliated, and External events.

“Internal” events will not generate a space charge unless the event is held in a “premier” location (i.e., the Saab ETIC, the Health and Social Science Building, and the Bellegarde Boathouse)

The “Affiliated” rate acknowledges the many universities partnerships and, in support of this, there will be a 50% Affiliated Reduction from the external rate for space usage.

The “External” rate applies to groups that are not affiliated with UMass Lowell, whether or not a member of the UML serves on the organizing committee, and will be charged at a full rate.

II. Purpose

University space, equipment and resources are valuable assets. UMass Lowell has established a distinct set of criteria to determine when event space and equipment are free, and when rental charges apply. These criteria were established to reduce risk to UMass Lowell and ensure that space and equipment are used first for university events and activities. The Hospitality & Event Services staff applies these criteria to ALL requests for space.

III. Scope

This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students and internal/external organizations.

IV. Definitions

Internal Rate (No Fee – exceptions on premier spaces) - The program, meeting or event is an initiative of, and was created & developed by UMass Lowell for the sole benefit of the UMass Lowell community.

  • Audience – Event is primarily for UMass Lowell faculty, staff &/or students, not open to the public or non-university guests.
  • Funding Source – Event is supported entirely by university funds.
  • No Partnership – The event is an initiative of a UMass Lowell department or student group and is not being planned or supported through a partnership with an outside organization.
  • Event space - Event not booked in premier event space.

Affiliated Rate (50%) - The program, meeting or event is an initiative of UMass Lowell, was created/developed by UMass Lowell and involves external partnership, funding sources or guests. Fees are applied to University events when:

  • Audience – The event is not primarily for the university community and is open to non-university guests/attendees (through advertisement or invitation).
  • Funding Source – Event is supported all or in part by funds from outside the university. Sources may include outside sponsorship, admission fees, registration charges, fundraisers and ticket sales.
  • Partnership & Space Access – The university department or student group is providing shared access to space/resources via a partnership or collaboration with a non-university organization.

External (Standard Full Rate) - The program, meeting or event is an initiative of a private company, non-profit or individual. The following criteria apply to Standard Rate events:

  • Audience – The event is intended for the non-university community (through advertisement or invitation).
  • Funding Source – The event is financially supported with non-university funds in its entirety
  • Partnership & Space Access – The organizing entity wished to use any university facility.
ClassificationFeeAttendeesFunding SourceContractInsurance
InternalNo fee(exceptions for premier spaces)Majority Faculty Staff and StudentsInternal OnlyNoNo
Affiliated50%Internal and External SplitPrimarily externalYesYes
External100%Majority ExternalExternalYesYes
Alumni, Faculty, Staff - Private Event-15%Majority ExternalExternalYesYes
Non-Profit-20%Majority ExternalExternalYes - Must provide 501C3 (ST2-ST5 documentation)Yes

V. Procedures:

To obtain current rate sheet, please contact Hospitality and Event Services' main office directly.

Maintaining the Affiliated Rate – In order to receive this rate, the event and its organizers must meet the following criteria:

  1. A UMass Lowell representative must request the space and identify who the partnering organizations are and who the audience will be.
  2. A UMass Lowell representative must serve as the primary contact/planner for all event-related details and have a UMass Lowell representative at the event.
  3. The UMass Lowell department/center which will be billed for all space/resources via its UMass Lowell department budget must be identified.

This policy ensures that the University rate is fairly applied. If these criteria are not met, the Standard Rate applies. Departments and student groups may not book space on behalf of a non-university group for the purpose of providing them with the Internal or Affiliated rate.

Special Considerations and discounts for external events – Some external events will be granted discounts based on the following criteria:

  1. Not-for-profit Discount (20% discount): Not-for-profit 501c3 organizations will receive a 20% discount off the Standard Rate.
  2. Employee/Alumni Discount (15% discount): Employees/Alumni hosting a personal event (retirement party, wedding, family reunion, private reception, etc.) will receive a 15% discount

VI. Responsibility

Hospitality & Event Services Office maintains the supervision of campus spaces.

VII. Attachments


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