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Book It Instructions

Book It

In order to submit a room reservation request, click on the "Book It!" button above or the "Book an Event" button on the Hospitality and Event Services page. You will be redirected to the online form, where you will be asked to enter your login information (please use your UMass Lowell credentials - username & password). 

Note: If you are accessing the online form via a saved link (not recommended as saved links break each time the system upgrades) you must sign in in order to access the form. The sign-in link will be located in the upper right-hand corner of the 25Live web page. Enter your UMass Lowell credentials when prompted.

(Note: The application will not work in Internet Explorer. Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers to access the online form).

Review the University's Reservation Policy. 

Once logged in, a form will automatically be started for you (if you are accessing from a saved link, click the Event Wizard link once you have signed in to begin the online form.

Whenever possible, we highly suggest sending meeting/event requests as early on as possible. At a minimum, we ask that you please submit at least (5) business days prior to the event date (all details should be finalized at least 5 business days prior to your event as well).

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*) on the form. They are:

  • Event Name (limited to 40 characters): This is the short name of your event and may include abbreviations.
  • Event Title for Publication (120 characters). This is the name that will appear in the university calendar - Please spell out any acronyms or abbreviations in this field.  (Both Event Name and Event Title for Publication may be the same, but please be sure to complete both).
  • Event Type (ex. meeting, conference, colloquium-forum-panel, dates and deadlines, etc.) This is the one field that cannot be changed once a reservation is confirmed. Please take time to select the appropriate event type - if you are submitting a request for a class or exam, please use "academic support."

    The event type determines which category your event will appear in on the calendar: 
    Academic Support: Makeup classes, review sessions, etc.
    Admissions: Tours, welcome days for Admissions
    Athletics: Games, practices scheduled by Athletics 
    Campus Recreation: Group fitness, intramurals, campus rec events 
    Conferences & Training: Workshops, conference, WLD training, etc. 
    Featured: Specially curated events of wide interest to campus and community
    Guest Speakers & Celebrations: Exhibits, colloquium, guest speakers, fairs and festivals
    Meetings: Generally internal meetings. NOTE: If you book a conference or guest speaker as a meeting, this is where it will appear. 
    Performances: Concerts and shows 
    Research: Research-related events 
    Student Life: Events for students, including info tables, career services events, ResLife, etc.

  • Primary Organization for Event: Choosing the appropriate organization will allow your department's events to appear on your department calendar, if your website has one. You can also add Additional (co-sponsoring) organizations.
  • Expected Head Count: This ensures that your event is booked in an appropriate space. Enter 0 for Dates & Deadlines.
  • Event Description: Please enter a brief description of the event for publicity purposes, or repeat the even title if a separate description is not necessary. This is a mandatory field and what you enter here will appear on the university calendar. 
  • Event Date and Time (Enter the ACTUAL start and end time for the event, which will appear on the university calendar. Please do not include setup or breakdown in these fields. There are separate fields to enter any necessary setup or breakdown time. Please enter those separately, for any event that takes place in a function space (ex. Alumni Hall, Moloney Hall, Saab ETIC Atrium, etc.), requires resource setups, AND/OR includes catering. Please enter 1-hour setup/1-hour breakdown in these instances to ensure an accurate reflection of availability.
  • Preferred Event Location: The space where you'd like to have your event. Every effort will be accommodate requests, but if requests can't be met, the events office will suggest alternative locations. (NOTE:  If you are submitting a "virtual" event to the calendar (such as a deadline), choose UML-INFO as your preferred location; you can also choose off-campus as a location if that's the case.)
  • Event Resources: Indicate if any are needed.
  • Contact Roles for This Event: For information prior to the event and/or on site on the day of the event.
  • Event Comments and Instructions: This field is for internal notes and instructions only. Please be sure to enter information regarding desired setup, food, audio-visual needs, etc.  This information will NOT be published to the calendar, but will be used to assign the appropriate resources and service providers.  Please type "DO NOT PUBLISH" in this field if you do not wish to have your meeting/event posted to the university calendar.

Click the "Save" button on the last page, (the "Next" button will be grayed out) OR click the save file icon at the top right of the form, to save the request and have it routed for processing and approval. Within 3-5 business days you will see an email confirmation with a .pdf attachment of your reservation confirmation - please note your event reference number (ex. "2017 - AAHHES") for any future updates or cancellations.

  • For short-notice (any request within 2 business days) requests, please submit the form, and then call our main line at 978-934-3888 so that we may expedite your request.

  • For any questions related to your event or filling out the online form, please email or call the main line.

  • For technical questions regarding the BookIt form, please email

Dates & Deadlines 

For calendar events that don’t take place in a particular location (e.g., add/drop period deadline) or are off campus, use "Dates and Deadlines" as an event type to get your information or deadline onto the calendar and use "UML-INFO" as your space code when completing the form.

Dates & Deadlines can also be used to publicize colloquia or other events that are held in academic spaces (since those don't appear on the public calendar). When using Dates & Deadlines be sure to include the location in the description.