In This Issue

  • CubeSats satellite in orbit

    SPACE HAUC Has Wings

    SPACE HAUC, UMass Lowell’s first satellite, was successfully released into orbit from the International Space Station.
  • Astronaut in space suit

    Designing the Next-gen Spacesuit

    Asst. Profs. Jay Hoon Park and Davide Masato, along with their team of student researchers, are using thermoplastic manufacturing techniques to design spacesuits that are lightweight and rugged.
  • Artist illustration of parachute deploying


    Funded by a three-year NASA grant, Assoc. Prof. Alireza Amirkhizi and Dean James Sherwood are conducting research to create a computer model of how parachute canopy fabrics and suspension lines behave during deployment, inflation and descent.
  • Hubble telescope team members

    Testing Hubble’s Successor

    Mechanical engineering alumni — Dave Cloutier ’10, Tim Marinone ’12 and Chris Nonis ’13 — conducted dynamic testing of Webb’s telescope structure, ensuring that technical issues were identified and addressed.
  • Walter Dawson

    He Helped Put Men on the Moon

    Prepared by his education at UMass Lowell, Walter Dawson’s career spanned designing Apollo 11’s guidance computers to practicing intellectual property law.
  • Joe Blonski ’78 and his wife, Debbie Hauser ’79, ’80, with their horses

    After Launch: A Career in Extreme Engineering

    Joe Blonski ’78, an electrical engineering graduate, led the team that designed the communications module for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) 16.
  • Catherine Barry

    A Passion for Problem Solving

    Mechanical engineering Ph.D. candidate Catherine Barry's research will help parachutes hit their targets — from delivering supplies to Army personnel in the field to the landing of rovers on Mars.