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The Putnam Plastics S. J. Chen Extrusion Lab

Amad ExtrusionExtrusion is a process that is used to produce continuous or cut lengths of plastic sheet, film, fiber, or profiles. Items such as window profiles, catheters, tubing, pipes, and the like are all   produced using the extrusion process.  

This lab is named for the late Professor S. J. Chen. Professor Chen was a respected faculty member and researcher in the area of extrusion processing prior to his death in 1993.  The lab is  now sponsored by Putnam Plastics Corporation, which specializes in micro-extrusion.  Additional support for this facility has been provided by Spirex Corporation, now Xaloy, and Gillette Corporation.

Cast Film Line:

  • 6" film die 
  • Welex single screw extruder 
  • David Standard roll stack and wind-up unit 

Pipe Line:
  • Conair puller
  • Crosshead pip die
  • Vacuum sizing unit
  • Killion single screw extruder 
Profile & Strand Line
  • Water baths
  • Reduction Engineering Pelletizer
  • Davis Standard single screw extruder 
Thermoforming Equipment:
  • Lyle Thermoforming Machine
  • Maac Thermoforming Machine