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Prospective Students

Find out what UMass Lowell Mechanical Engineering research is all about!

Broad Spectrum of Career Choices

Mechanical Engineers can be found in nearly every sector of our technologically complex society: in manufacturing, power generation, materials processing, ship building, and aircraft, automotive, and construction companies; as well as with government organizations and consulting firms. Engineers apply their skills in the design of machinery and products, system integration, testing, analysis, research and development. In addition to traditional activities, Mechanical Engineers are deeply involved in problems of the future, such as the development of new power systems, advanced composite materials, and new methods of productivity and quality enhancement in manufacturing.

A Helping Hand

UMass Lowell students have joined together across majors to design, build and donate prosthetic devices for children.

eNABLE Lowell is a local chapter of a global nonprofit volunteer organization that provides 3D printed prosthetic devices to children around the world.

Successful Mechanical Engineers have the skills and the flexibility to move into the widest variety of fields as the need arises, and the Department's Mechanical Engineering undergraduate and graduate programs are structured to offer an education that can give a graduate those skills and that flexibility.

Work and World Ready Graduates

The Mechanical Engineering Department has a history of having successful graduates. This is in part due to the high standards of the ABET-accredited undergraduate program, and its Design-Build-Test methodology.

Both undergraduate and graduate students can choose to take part in the Co-Op Program, and gain real world, hands-on experience while making connections in industry as a student.

For more information about the Mechanical Engineering undergraduate curriculum, please visit the Degree Pathway page in the Academic Catalog. For more information regarding our Graduate programs (Master's, Doctoral, and Certificates) please visit the Graduate Catalog.

Mechanical engineering Ph.D. student, Siddharth Dev using unnamed equipment and a beaker that is glowing

Research and Unique Opportunities

The Mechanical Engineering Department at UMass Lowell is located in the technological hub that is the Merrimack Valley, surrounded by ever-growing local industry. The Department is also home to several renowned and well-established research centers and laboratories. Exciting research is happening everyday here, and more opportunities are being made possible (an example is the new WindSTAR Center). Our students are winning awards and recognition with their talents, skills, and outstanding abilities. Our faculty are award-winning researchers and academics, and they have the utmost dedication to providing their students with an education that can make them successful Mechanical Engineers.

Mechanical engineering student using unnamed equipment

Prospective Transfer Students

For more information regarding the transfer process, transferable credits, the transfer dictionary, etc. please visit the Transfer Admissions page or contact the Mechanical Engineering Department Transfer Coordinator Daniel Sullivan.