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Mechanical engineering student using unnamed equipment

Robotics in ME

Mechanical engineering: robotics

The ongoing robotics research in the Department of Mechanical Engineering covers a wide range of topics, such as planning, motion control, multi-agent coordination, and robot-assisted rehabilitation, and involves a variety of robotic platforms including mobile robots, quadrotors, and legged robots. Meanwhile, to prepare our students for the fast-paced, competitive world that will heavily rely on the rapidly advancing robotics technology, the Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a series of undergraduate and graduate level courses in the robotics/control direction.
A NAO humanoid robot developed by SoftBank Group Corp.
A NAO humanoid robot developed by SoftBank Group Corp.



  • Autonomous Robotic Systems Laboratory
    We are dedicated to the research on all aspects of Autonomous Robotic Systems, from conceptual design to detailed assembly, testing, and evaluation.
  • Robotics and Locomotion Lab
    We focus on developing nonlinear control strategies to achieve stable, agile, versatile, robust, and energy-efficient bipedal robotic walking. We are also interested in applying our robotics knowledge and skills to understanding human walking.