Mechanical engineering Tech Electives in Control Theory and Robotics

You can take 2 Controls and 1 Robotics courses, or vise versa.

You should select the Controls/Robotic direction if you would like to:

1. Control Systems

  • obtain a solid foundation in the analysis of dynamic systems
  • improve and broaden your mathematical background in differential equations, linear algebra, and dynamic systems
  • learn how to design feedback controllers for your projects
  • learn how to simulate dynamic systems
  • If you enjoyed the course Dynamic Systems Analysis
  • pursue a Master’s degree in ME in the Dynamics/Controls discipline
Control System Courses OfferedSemesterRequisites
Dynamic Systems and ControlsOnly FallPre-req. Differential Equations, Co-req: Dynamic Systems Analysis
Modern Control SystemsOnly SpringPre-req. Differential Equations, Co-req: Dynamic Systems Analysis

2. Robotics

  • obtain a fundamental understanding in the mathematical analysis of robotic manipulators and mobile robots
  • learn how to design fundamental algorithms for controlling the motion of mobile robots such as path following, way point navigation, and set-point regulation
  • understand how mobile aerial (quadcopters) and ground robots move, derive their respective equations of motion, and design feedback laws to control their motion
  • improve your knowledge in Engineering Mechanics (Dynamics) and learn how rigid bodies move in the 3-D space
  • complete your minor in Robotics
Robotics Courses OfferedSemesterRequisites
RoboticsOffered only in FallInstructors consent required, Robotics Minor required course
Autonomous Robotic SystemsOffered only in SpringPre-req. Differential Equations; Dynamics, Co-req: Dynamic Systems Analysis