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Electrical and Computer Engineering student wearing goggles and working with unknown equipment.

Programs of Study



The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department offers various undergraduate and graduate programs: Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, B.S/M.S combined 5-year program, graduate certificates and continuing education.

Bachelor of Science

The department offers four types of Bachelor of Science degrees:

Transfer: Professor Jay Weitzen E-mail:, telephone: 978-934-3315

Co-op Program: Please visit UMass Lowell Professional Cooperative Education Program


B.S./M.S. Combined 5-Year Program

An accelerated B.S./M.S. program in EE and CpE is offered by the ECE Department to encourage outstanding undergraduate students to continue at a graduate level.

For more information, go to: B.S./M.S. Combined 5-Year Program

Graduate Certificates

For a complete list of certificates, please consult our: Graduate Certificates webpage.


Master of Science


Continuing Education

Evening courses in Electronic Engineering Technology (EET) are available for working students. Two degree options are available.

  • Associate's degree: A.S. in Electronic Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor's degree: B.S. in Electronic Engineering Technology