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Seongkyu Yoon

Seongkyu Yoon
Seongkyu YoonAssistant Professor, Director
  • CollegeFrancis College of Engineering
  • DepartmentChemical Engineering
  • Phone(978) 934-4741

Research Interests

Process system engineering in biologics and life sciences

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality By Design (QbD) Application of experimental design and multivariate data analysis in biopharmaceuticals Supply chain management in biologics; and Chemometrics in life sciences


  • Ph D: Chemical Engineering, (2001), McMaster University - Hamilton, Canada
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Using External Information for Statistical Process Control
  • Ph D: Mechanical Engineering, (1998), Tufts University - Medford, MA
  • MS: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, (1990), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology - Daejon, Korea
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: "Constrained multivariable Model Algorithmic Control and its Non-Minimum Phase Characteristics."
  • BS: Chemical Engineering, (1988), Yonsei University - Seoul, Korea
  • MS: Computer Science, (1972), Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Worcester, MA
  • BS: Electrical Engineering, (1966), Massachusetts Institute of Technology -
  • BS: Industrial Management, (1966), Massachusetts Institute of Technology -

Awards and Honors

  • Korean government scholarship for Graduate Study, Scholarship/Research
  • McMaster University Scholarship, Scholarship/Research - McMaster University
  • Yonsei University Journalism Scholarship, Scholarship/Research
  • Travel Award (2012) - CCE XIII
  • Travel Award (2012) - CPC VIII
  • CTTS Annual Retreat Best Poster Award (2011) - UMass Medical
  • Sherman Scholarship for excellent teaching & research (1999), Scholarship/Research - McMaster Univ
  • Korean-Canadian Scholarship Foundation, Canada (1997), Scholarship/Research
  • Excellent Engineer Award of the Year, Hyundai Petrochemical Co. (1995), Service, Professional


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  • Flowsheet Modeling Of A Continuous Direct Compression Tableting Process At Production Scale - Focapo-Cpc 2017, 2017 - Tucson, Arizona, USA
  • Online Optimization Of A Top-Spray Fluidized Bed Granulation Process Based On A Three-Stage Population Balance Model - Focapo-Cpc 2017, 2017 - Tucson, Arizona, USA
  • Real time prediction and control of glycoform profile of mammalian cell cultures using in silico glycosylation model coupled with extracellular metabolites - Cell Culture Engineering XV, 2016

Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Biopharmaceutical Fund (2012), Grant - Multiple Institutes
    Yoon, S.
  • NSF IGERT (), Grant - NSF
    Yoon, S.
  • CAREER: Batch process control of monoclonal antibody product in suspension cultured mammalian cells - microscopic and macroscopic modeling approachesion/xam (), Grant - NSF
    Yoon, S.
  • Omics based BIGDATA analytics for biologics development (2013), Grant - NSF CDS&E CBET/BBBE
    Yoon, S.
  • GPIbalpha: a Blood Biomarker for Early Diagnosis of AlzheimerÍs Disease (), Grant - DOD (MRPRA)
    Yoon, S.
  • Acquisition of a Next Generation Sequencing System for Genomics Research and Training at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (2013), Grant - NSF MRI
    Yoon, S.
  • Innovative Analytics Platform for Biologics Development (2013), Grant - MLSC Cooperate Matching Fund
    Yoon, S.
  • Biopharmaceutical Process and Quality Consortium (BPQC) (2012), -
    Yoon, S. (Principal)
  • Endotoxin Detector for Global Microbiological and Clinical Market Sectors (), Grant - NSF
    Yoon, S.
  • PFI/BIC:Integrated biosensing technologies for biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing via university and industry consortium (), Grant - NSF
    Yoon, S.
  • Regulatory sciences (), Grant - NIH
    Yoon, S.
  • Sparging Visualization (2013), -
    Yoon, S. (Principal)
  • PSM Program Development (2013), -
    Yoon, S. (Principal)
  • PSM Program Development (2013), -
    Yoon, S. (Principal)
  • Summer Research Student (2013), -
    Yoon, S. (Principal)
  • Investigate At-Line Trace Metal Analysis Technology (2012), -
    Yoon, S. (Principal)
  • IEF and 2D SDA-PAGE Assay Development (2013), -
    Yoon, S. (Principal)
  • Income Account for Analytical Test and Data Informatics (2013), -
    Yoon, S. (Principal)
  • Modeling population dynamics of breast cancer stem cells using Raman spectra (), Grant - NIH
    Yoon, S.
  • U-Health Industry Review (2013), -
    Yoon, S. (Principal)
  • At-Line Trace Metal Analysis and Method Development (2012), -
    Yoon, S. (Principal)
  • Develop Medical Optimization Methodology (2012), -
    Yoon, S. (Principal)
  • Media optimization Cell cultureæ (2012), Grant - the University
    Yoon, S.
  • BPQC Membership (2012), Grant -
    Yoon, S.
  • Trace metal analysis in Cell culture (2012), Grant - the University
    Yoon, S.
  • Trace metal variability analysis (2012), Grant - Vertex Pharmaceutical
    Yoon, S.
  • New Faculty Start-up Fund (2010), Contract -
    Yoon, S.
  • Massachusetts Life Science Center (2010), Grant -
    Yoon, S. (Co-Principal)
  • CCE XIII 2012 Travel Award (2012), Grant -
    Yoon, S.
  • CPC VIII 2012 Travel Awards (2012), Grant -
    Yoon, S., Lee, H.
  • Wheat Hydrolysate Analysis (2012), - SAFC
    Yoon, S.
  • Feasibility of Cedex Bio (2011), Grant - Roche Diagnostics
    Yoon, S.
  • Harmonizing viable cell density measurement for CHO batch processes (2011), Grant - Aber Instruments (UK)
    Yoon, S.
  • Biopharmaceutical Consortium (2011), - UMass President S&T
    Yoon, S.
  • Harmonizing Viable Cell Density Measurement for CHO Batch Processes Determined by (2011), -
    Yoon, S. (Principal)
  • Wheat Hydrolysate Analysis (2012), -
    Yoon, S. (Principal)
  • Feasibility Study of Cedex Bio (2011), -
    Yoon, S. (Principal)
  • (2011), Grant - Chromworks
    Yoon, S.
  • Roche Diagnostics (2011), Grant -
    Yoon, S.
  • New Brunswick (), -
    Yoon, S.
  • Toxic Use Reduction Institute (2010), - Toxic Use Reduction Institute (TURI)
    Yoon, S.