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John White

John R. White, Ph.D. Professor

Research Interest

Nuclear reactor physics methods development and applications; design and optimization of LWR reload cores using generalized perturbation theory methods; computer methods and PC applications of reactor analysis tools

Educational Background

B.S. Nuclear Engineering & Electrical Engineering, University of Lowell, 1977
M.S. Nuclear Engineering, University of Tennessee, 1980
Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering, University of Tennessee, 1987


Professor White has over 25 years experience in the development, application and teaching of a variety of reactor physics and general computational methods, with nearly six years at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (1977-1982) and 20+ years in the Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Department at UMass Lowell (1982-present). His research and teaching have involved him in many aspects of computational modeling and methods development with a special focus in the reactor physics and shielding areas.