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Zhiyong Gu

Zhiyong Gu, Ph.D. Associate Professor


Nanomaterials and nanotechnology, nanowires

Research Interest

Synthesis and fabrication of functional and hybrid nanowires and nanoparticles; Using self-assembly or directed assembly techniques to integrate these nano-building blocks into ordered 2D and 3D hierarchy structures; Develop these nanowires and nanoparticles and the structures formed for sensing, electronic and biomedical applications.

Educational Background

B.E.         Chemical Engineering, Qingdao Inst. of Chem. Tech., 1996 
M.S.        Chemical Engineering, Univ of Notre Dame, 2001
Ph.D.       Chemical Engineering, State Univ of N.Y., Buffalo, 2004
PostDoc.  Chemical/BioMolecular Engineering, John Hopkins Univ., 2004-2006