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Dongming Xie

Dongming Xie, UMass Lowell Chemical Engineering Faculty
Dongming XieAssociate Professor


  • Ph D: Biochemical Engineering, (2000), Chinese Academy of Sciences - Beijing, China
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Dynamic modeling and optimal control strategy for glycerol production by fermentation
  • BS: Chemical Engineering, (1992), East China University of Science & Technology - Shanghai, China
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Nozzle optimization for coal-water gasification

Selected Awards and Honors

  • DuPont Bolton/Carothers Innovative Science Award (2014), Scholarship/Research
  • DuPont Accomplishment Award (2008), Scholarship/Research
  • 2001 Tsinghua Distinguished PostDoc Award (2002), Scholarship/Research

Selected Publications

  • Xie, D., Miller, E., Tyreus, B., Jackson, E., Zhu, Q. (2017). Sustainable Production of Omega-3 Eicosapentaenoic Acid by Fermentation of Metabolically Engineered Yarrowia lipolytica (pp. pp.17-33).
  • Xie, D., Miller, E., Sharpe, P., Jackson, E., Zhu, Q. (2016). Omega-3 production by fermentation of Yarrowia lipolytica: From fed-batch to continuous. Biotechnology and Bioengineering.