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Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering prepares students to design and create medical devices and equipment


The Biomedical Engineering curriculum consists of 126 credits of undergraduate courses. The initial track is in medical device design and manufacturing. Elective choices will also facilitate a BSE/MS option, with the MS in BMEBT. For details about the requirements visit the undergraduate academic catalog

For admissions information, visit the UML admissions site:

Note: If you are interested in studying Math, Science or Engineering, it is strongly recommended that you take four years of Math and Science. 

 What is it? 

  • Offered jointly by the colleges of Engineering, Health Sciences and Sciences for undergraduate students.
  • Set of four required subject-area courses, two labs, plus two elective courses.
  • Two elective courses are “tuned” for a specialization or track.
  • Several courses may also count as core or technical electives depending on the college.
  • The net additional course work varies from a minimum of two to a maximum of six additional courses depending on the college.

 Why should I enroll in this?

  • Provides key competency in a rapidly growing interdisciplinary area.
  • Provides a competitive advantage when searching for employment. 
  • Provides hand-on training which will likely lead to more rapid job advancement.
  • Allows an easy transition into a later graduate programs - successful completion of this minor will allow you to transition into the Professional Science Masters (PSM) program, or doctoral programs.

 Courses for a Minor in Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology

For the latest course information please refer to the UMass Lowell online academic catalog

 How do I enroll in this minor?

  • File a Declaration of Minor form with your college before registering for 3000 level courses.
  • Indicate your intention to pursue this minor with your Faculty Advisor, Sanjeev K. Manohar, Ph.D. (

Immediately after registering for the final courses which completes the minor, file an academic petition approved by your college with The Solution Center.

Why Study Biomedical Engineering at UMass Lowell?

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Faculty that teach in that graduate BMEBT program, along with those that teach other engineering programs, teach in the BSBE program. See our list of Faculty.

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A Makerspace, home to eight 3D printers and workstations for electronics and machining, is available to Biomedical Engineering students. Read the story.
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Graduate Program

The UMass System also offers the highly successful Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology graduate program.