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Frederick Balagaddé

Image of Frederick Balagadde
Frederick Balagaddé, Ph.D. Instructional Lab Manager

Educational Background

2007 Ph.D., Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology (Pasadena, CA)

2001 B.A., Physics & Computer Science; Minor, Mathematics, Manchester University (N. Manchester, IN)


Frederick Balagaddé, Ph.D., a graduate of the California Institute of Technology (Pasadena, CA), is an instructional laboratory manager in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He has experience working with microfluidics large scale integration and chip-based cell culturing platforms at Stanford University and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He recently served as a principle investigator at K-RITH (Durban, South Africa, recently renamed AHRI, where he contributed to the development of a first-of-its-kind, bioengineering and cleanroom facility for microfluidics research. He is a TED Fellow and recipient of the Young Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award from Manchester University (North Manchester, Indiana; 2015).

Select Publications

Luthuli, B. B., Purdy, G., E., Balagaddé, F., K., “Confinement-Induced Drug-Tolerance in Mycobacteria Mediated by an Efflux Mechanism” PLoS ONE 2015.

Balagaddé F., “Biosensors and the $1000 Genome” Strategic Business Insights 2012 

Balagaddé et al, “A Synthetic Escherichia Coli Predator-Prey System” Mol. Sys. Biol.4:187, 1-8, 2008. Marguet, P., Balagaddé, F. et al, “Biology by design: Reduction and Synthesis of Cellular Components and Behavior” Journal of the Royal Society Interface 4:607, 2007. 

Balagaddé et al, Long-term Monitoring of Bacteria Undergoing Programmed Population Control in a Microchemostat. Science 309 (5731) 137-40, 2005. 

Gaier J., Yoder Vandenberg Y., Berkebile S., Stueben H., Balagaddé F. “The Electrical and Thermal Conductivity of Woven Pristine and Intercalated Graphite Fiber-Polymer Composites” Carbon 42 (12) 2187-2193, 2003. 


Balagaddé, F. K., Hansen, C., Kartalov, E., Quake, S. R., “Microfluidic Chemostat” US Patent No. 11/012,852 

Luthuli, B. B., Balagaddé, F., K., “A Microdialysis Device.” WIPO Patent No. PCT/IB2015/059719 

Luthuli B.B., Kunota T., Balagaddé F., “Automated Microfluidic Device Loading and Operating System.” SA Patent No. 2016/07825 

Balagaddé F.K., Myrick A.B., Mackenzie J. S., “Screening method and Apparatus for Drug Efflux Displacement.” SA Patent No. 2016/07824


Young Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award, Manchester University, IN - 2015 

TED Fellow, TED Senior Fellow, TED (Technology Entertainment and Design), New York, NY - 2009 to present 

Select Presentations 

Plenary Speaker, American Association for Pharmaceutical Scientists annual meeting and exposition—the world’s largest gathering of pharmaceutical scientists. Denver Colorado – 2016 

Speaker at TED 2010 Conference, Long beach, CA - 2010