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  • Four Lowell High School students who plan to become teachers hold up UMass Lowell School of Education polo shirts at UML's fall 2022 education symposium

    Future Teachers Celebrated at Education Symposium

    Future teachers at UMass Lowell and Lowell High School were celebrated at the fall 2022 Education Symposium, where researchers, educators and activists talked about the need for "radical innovation" to address inequities.
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  • Cool Science Alice Lobel

    Local K-12 Students Use Art to Teach Public About Extreme Weather

    The National Science Foundation-funded project Cool Science hosted its 10th annual Extreme Weather Art Competition for students in grades kindergarten through 12th. The winning posters are now displayed on transit buses in the Merrimack Valley and Worcester areas.
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  • At the fall 2021 Panasuk Symposium at UMass Lowell, a panel of educators and advocates discussed critical race theory

    Educators, Advocates Tackle Critical Race Theory at Symposium

    Educators and student advocates discussed critical race theory at the fall symposium, and how the political controversies surrounding it are affecting students and teachers. The first education symposium to be held since November 2019 also included a workshop on teaching LGBTQ history.
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  • A Cool Science bus poster

    Professor: Science Education Can Help Slow Climate Change

    Science education can help slow the pace of global warming, because people who understand climate science can make informed decisions, says Education Assoc. Prof. Jill Hendrickson Lohmeier. Lohmeier does research on using artwork in informal settings to educate the public about climate science.
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  • Assoc. Prof. of Education Iman Chahine won a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award to do ethnomathematical research in South Africa

    Education Professor Gets Second Fulbright to Complete Ethno-mathematics Project

    Assoc. Prof. Iman Chahine has won a second Fulbright Scholarship to help South African educators build Zulu and Ndebele cultural practices into the math curriculum. The professor of education specializes in ethno-mathematics, which translates beadwork and mural painting into teaching tools.
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  • UML Assoc. Prof. of Education Stacy Szczesiul, winner of the Manning Prize for Excellence in Teaching and Service

    Education Professor Wins Manning Prize for Teaching and Service

    Education Assoc. Prof. Stacy Szczesiul won the Manning Prize for Excellence in Teaching and Service in recognition of her commitment to helping students succeed and for her contributions to the Doctor of Education program, which she directs.
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  • Education Assoc. Prof. Phitsamay Uy has started a mentoring program for Asian American and Pacific Islander teachers and education students

    Education Professor Creates Mentoring Network for Asian American Teachers

    Assoc. Prof. Phitsamay Uy was the first refugee from Laos to become a tenured professor of education in the United States. She started a mentoring network under an NEA grant to make sure other Asian American and Pacific Islander educators don’t feel as alone as she once did.
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  • UML Education Prof. James Nehring with Merrily, a boat he built himself

    Education Professor Rows ‘Merrily’ for Scholarships

    A decade ago, Education Prof. James Nehring cycled across the U.S. to raise money for a scholarship to benefit first-generation education students at UMass Lowell. Now, he’s rowing down the East Coast in a boat that he built himself, in order to double the scholarship.
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  • Lowell National Historical Park interpretation ranger Allison Horrocks enacts a mill girl on a virtual field trip

    Educators Create Live, Virtual Field Trips at Tsongas Industrial History Center

    When school field trips to the Tsongas Industrial History Center – a partnership between Lowell National Historical Park and UML’s College of Education – were canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, center staff seized the opportunity to create live, interactive virtual field trips for K-12 students.
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  • Philanthropist Luis Pedroso with UMass Lowell Education Prof. Eleanor Abrams

    Education Students Get Paid Experience in Lowell Schools

    The Pedroso Tutors program is providing valuable, paid classroom experience to UML education students as they help elementary school students in Lowell. The program is funded by Luis Pedroso, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who is a graduate of the Lowell Public Schools.
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  • UML education major Abby O'Keefe is doing her student-teaching remotely

    Student Teachers Meet the Pandemic Challenge

    Senior education majors at UMass Lowell are facing unprecedented challenges as they do their student teaching online, in classrooms, or both. But they say that the children and their mentor teachers make it all worthwhile.
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  • Immigrants being sworn in as U.S. citizens at Minute Man National Historical Park in 2007

    History Center Educating Teachers, Public about Voting Rights

    The Tsongas Industrial History Center has created a series of free, live webinars to educate teachers about the historic struggles of Black people, women and other groups to win the vote and have a say in government.
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  • A single father encourages his son who's doing a school project

    Back to (Virtual) School Tips – for Parents

    Eliza Bobek, clinical assistant professor of education, has two young children, and like many working parents she’s juggling her job with supervising her children’s online learning. In the process, she’s learned a lot about taking breaks and using timers.
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  • UMass Lowell Education Assoc. Prof. Phitsamay Uy

    Education Faculty Prepare Teachers for Multilingual Students

    UML’s education faculty prepare future teachers for classrooms with multilingual students. The inclusive teaching methods they impart benefit all students, including those with learning disabilities.
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  • Asst. Prof. of Education Jack Schneider opposes the use of high-stakes standardized testing.

    Faculty: Colleges and Schools Rethinking Role of Standardized Tests

    As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts standardized testing and widens educational gaps between well-off and low-income students and districts, College of Education faculty say that educators have an opportunity to rethink the outsized role that test scores play in K-12 schools and college admissions.
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  • UML education majors open Chromebooks they were given as part of a pilot project

    New Educational Tech Class Coincides with Pandemic

    Midway through the spring 2020 semester, as first-year education majors were taking a new, required class in educational technology, schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Studying virtually themselves while learning how best to use online teaching tools is giving these students a new perspective on technology’s promise – and its limitations.
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  • Nicole Villafana, right, and two other students from Lawrence High visited the UMass Lowell campus to consider careers in education

    UML Partners with High Schools to Diversify Teaching Profession

    UML’s College of Education is working with the state and local school districts to recruit future teachers who represent the Merrimack Valley’s diversity. Lawrence High School students visited the campus recently to learn more about careers in education – and campus life.
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  • UMass Lowell students Danelia Ramirez, Janelle Christopher and Emily Crespo spoke on a panel at the College of Education's Panasuk Symposium 2019

    Researcher: Social and Emotional Learning are Key to School Success

    Students who develop socially and emotionally also learn better, says researcher Juliette Berg. She shared her work and strategies for improving school climate and student attitudes at the College of Education’s annual Panasuk Symposium.
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  • Assoc. Prof. of Education Iman Chahine won a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award to do ethnomathematical research in South Africa

    Education Professor Wins Fulbright for Ethno-mathematics Work

    Assoc. Prof. of Education Iman Chahine has received a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award to do research in ethno-mathematics. She will spend nine months in South Africa training teachers and evaluating math lessons and materials she developed, based on Zulu and Ndebele arts and culture.
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  • Researchers Bob Chen, Stephen Mishol and Jill Lohmeier pose for a photo with a Cool Science contestant

    Cool Science Expands with $3 Million NSF Grant

    For seven years, the Cool Science contest has asked children to communicate climate science through art, with the winning works displayed on Lowell buses. A $3 million National Science Foundation grant will expand Cool Science in Massachusetts and add two metropolitan areas in the Midwest.
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  • UMass Lowell history major Bradley Sherwood works year-round at the Tsongas Industrial History Center at Lowell National Historical Park

    Sun and Fun, Science and History at National Park Summer Camps

    Summer camps at the Lowell National Historical Park allow children to explore history, science and more while having fun. The camps are run by the Tsongas Industrial History Center, a partnership between the park and UML’s College of Education.
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  • MIT Linguistics Prof. Michel DeGraff spoke at the UMass Lowell symposium on instructing children in their own language

    “Language is Wealth”

    Immigrants bring a wealth of different languages to the United States. When schools value those languages, children learn better – and everyone benefits, Prof. Michel DeGraff told educators at the College of Education’s spring symposium.
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  • Asst. Prof. of Education Jack Schneider

    Failing Public Schools? Education Professor Says No

    Are America’s public schools failing their students? For the most part, they’re not, says education historian and Asst. Prof. Jack Schneider – despite political rhetoric to the contrary.
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  • Lawrence High principal Michael Fiato speaks during the panel discussion

    ‘I’m a Human Being, Not a Target’

    “Confronting Gun Violence Against Kids” was the theme of the College of Education’s 23rd Panasuk Symposium on Educational Research, Policy & Practice, which featured Peter Cunningham, former assistant secretary for communications and outreach for the U.S. Department of Education.