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All policies pertaining to Graduate Study at the University of Massachusetts Lowell are to be found in the UMass Lowell Online Graduate Catalog. Some policies are specific to the College of Education and are posted below. Policies which pertain to a particular program can be found on the program page.


The College of Education allows prospective students to take a maximum of 6 credits as a non matriculated student prior to admission to a graduate degree program in the College of Education.

Transfer of Credit Policy

Beginning in Fall 2009, students may only transfer into their degree six credits of appropriate course work taken prior to admission to the College of Education at another accredited institution (six credits taken at UMass Lowell prior to admission are not considered transfer credits).

  • Transfer courses are subject to the approval of the Admissions and Standards Committee
  • Transfer courses may not have been used in a previous degree (including a CAGS).
  • Courses for transfer into Ed.D. programs must have been earned at a doctoral granting institution.
  • Only courses earned with a B or better are considered for transfer.
  • Courses must have been completed within five years of the date of the transfer petition.
  • Graduate credit earned in seminars and practica cannot be transferred into any degree.
  • Graduate credit earned in conjunction with teacher workshops/in-service professional development is not considered for inclusion in GSE graduate programs.
  • Courses may not be transferred into Graduate Certificate programs.

Taking courses at other institutions while matriculated in a UMass Lowell degree program

A student may request to take a course at another institution while s/he is enrolled in a UMass Lowell program; however, this request may only be granted if no other suitable course is available through UMass Lowell and the student's progress would otherwise be unduly impeded. (This policy does not apply to matriculated students in the M.Ed. Science Education Online option who may transfer in approved courses from UMass Amherst).

Continued Matriculation Policy

Matriculated students must register each Fall and Spring until degree requirements are met. Failure to maintain continuous matriculation will result in students being dropped from the Graduate School roster. If for any reason a student is not registered for a course, he or she must register for CM.601, section 201 (Continued Matriculation) in order to maintain a record of continuous matriculation. A fee is assessed for Continued Matriculation.  We waive the Continuing Matriculation fee for the spring semester if a student was registered for a course or Continuing Matriculation the previous Fall and Summer semesters. This procedure may not be followed for more than two consecutive semesters without the written permission of the Dean of the College of Education. Continued matriculation bars the student from using university resources.

For further information about transfer policies please refer to the UMass Lowell Graduate Catalog.