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Advanced Placement Policies for Baccalaureate Applicants

Advanced Placement Policies for Baccalaureate Applicants

Students entering the university as freshmen or as transfer students may elect to challenge required courses through established procedures cited below. University departments reserve the right to refuse the granting of credit for those examinations which are presented by a student for his or her major(s). Equivalency credit is granted for laboratory components of science courses only through examinations of university departments. Accordingly, science credits which are granted through the College Level Examination Program and Advanced Placement Examinations of the College Entrance Examination Board do not waive any specified laboratory requirement, including those of the university core curriculum.

CollegeCollege Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Entering freshmen and transfer students may be granted university credit for subject examinations of the College Level Examination Program when they have achieved scores which are on or above the 'C' grade level. Once matriculated, a student must obtain permission from his/her department chair of program coordinator and submit an academic petition to have CLEP credits awarded. A complete listing of subject examinations of CLEP for which the University grants credits is noted below:

Composition and LiteratureScoreEquivalentCredits
American Literature50ENGL.28203
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature52ENGL.1990 & ENGL.29906
College Composition53ENGL.1010 & ENGL.10206
College Composition Modular50ENGL.10103
English Literature50ENGL.28103
Humanities50ARHI.1050 & ENGL.20206
Foreign LanguagesScoreEquivalentCredits
French Language53WLFR.10103
French Language58WLFR.1010, WLFR.10206
French Language68WLFR.1010, WLFR.1020, WLFR.21109
French Language72WLFR.1010, WLFR.1020, WLFR.2110, WLFR.212012
German Language53WLGE.10103
German Language58WLGE.1010, WLGE.10206
German Language68WLGE.1010, WLGE.1020, WLGE.21109
German Language72WLGE.1010, WLGE.1020, WLGE.2110, WLGE.212012
Spanish Language*53WLSP.10103
Spanish Language*58WLSP.1010, WLSP.10206
Spanish Language*68WLSP.1010, WLSP.1020, WLSP.21109
Spanish Language*72WLSP.1010, WLSP.1020, WLSP.2110, WLSP.212012
Spanish with Writing*53WLSP.10103
Spanish with Writing*58WLSP.1010, WLSP.10206
Spanish with Writing*68WLSP.1010, WLSP.1020, WLSP.21109
Spanish with Writing*72WLSP.1010, WLSP.1020, WLSP.2110, WLSP.212012

*Please note: students may receive credit for taking ONE Spanish CLEP exam.

Social Sciences and HistoryScoreEquivalentCredits
American Government50POLI.10103
History of US I:  Early Colonization's to 187750HIST.11103
History of US II: 1865 to the Present50HIST.11203
Human Growth and Development50PSYC.26003
Principles of Macroeconomics54ECON.20203
Principles of Microeconomics56ECON.20103
Psychology, Introductory50PSYC.10103
Introductory Sociology51SOCI.10103
Western Civilization I:  Ancient Near East to 164853HIST.10503
Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present53HIST.10603
Sciences and MathematicsScoreEquivalentCredits
Biology50BIOL.1110 & BIOL.11206
College Algebra50MATH.12003
Info Systems and Comp Applications50INFO.16003
Mathematics, College50MATH.15103
Natural Sciences50LIFE.1010 & LIFE.10206
Financial Accounting53ACCT.2010 & ACCT.20206
Business Law, Introductory50LGST.26203
Marketing, Principles of53MKTG.20103

InternationalInternational Baccalaureate (IB) Program

Higher Level (HL) Exam OnlyTransfer Credit Awarded with Scores of 4-7 (unless otherwise noted)
Accounting/Finance3 credits: ACCT.1990
Chemistry6 credits: CHEM.1210 & CHEM.1220 (scores of 5-7 only)
Economics6 credits: ECON.2010 & ECON.2020 (scores of 5-7 only)
English6 credits: ENGL.1010 & ENGL.1990 (scores of 5-7 only)
History6 credits: HIST.2990 & HIST.3990 (scores of 5-7 only)
Language B6 credits: Intermediate I & II (# depends on language); ex. French WLFR.2110 / WLFR.2120
Math Analysis and Approaches7 credits: MATH.1310 & MATH.2830
Math Applications and Interpretation7 credits: MATH.1380 & MATH.2830
Psychology6 credits: PSYC.1010 & PSYC.2690
Sociology3 credits: SOCI.1990 (score of 4);
6 credits: SOCI.1990 & SOCI.2990 (score of 5-7 only)

AdvancedAdvanced Placement Examinations of the College Entrance Examination Board

Entering freshmen who have demonstrated college level proficiency through Advanced Placement examinations of the College Entrance Examination Board may be granted university credit for scores of 5, 4, and 3. Credit will not be given for scores of 2 or 1.

The following is a listing of Advanced Placement Examinations for which the university grants course credit:

AP Test NameScoreEquivalentCredits
Art History3, 4 or 5ARHI.10103
Art Studio: Drawing Portfolio4 or 5ARTS.15503
Art Studio: Art 2-D Design4 or 5ARTS.10103
Art Studio: Art 3-D Design4 or 5ARTS.10203
Biology*4 or 5BIOL.1110
*EXCEPTION: Biology exam taken in Spring 2020 will receive four credit for BIOL.1990 & BIOL.1990L; majors may contact department for credit by exam.
Calculus AB3, 4 or 5MATH.13104
Calculus AB Subscore3, 4 or 5MATH.13104
Calculus BC3, 4 or 5MATH.1310 & MATH.13208
Chemistry4 or 5CHEM.1210
Chinese Language and Culture3 or 4
WLCH.1050, WLCH.1060
WLCH.1050, WLCH.1060, WLCH.2050, WLCH.2060
Computer Science A4 or 5COMP.10104
Computer Science AB3
4 or 5
COMP.1010 & COMP.1020
Computer Science Principles4 or 5COMP.19903
Principles of Macroeconomics4 or 5ECON.20203
Principles of Microeconomics4 or 5ECON.20103
English Language & Composition3 or 4
ENGL.1010 or ENGL.1990
ENGL.1010 & ENGL.1020
English Literature & Composition3 or 4
ENGL.1010 or ENGL.1990
ENGL.1010 & ENGL.1020
Environmental Science4 or 5ENVI.1100, ENVI.1120L4
European History3, 4 or 5HIST.1050 & HIST.10606
French Language and Culture3 or 4
WLFR.1010, WLFR.1020
WLFR.1010, 1020, 2110, 2120
German Language and Culture3 or 4
WLGE.1010 & WLGE.1020
WLGE.1010, WLGE.1020, WLGE.2110, WLGE.2120
Government & Politics: Comparative3, 4 or 5POLI.11203
Government & Politics: United States3, 4 or 5POLI.10103
Italian Language and Culture3 or 4
WLIT.1010, WLIT.1020
WLIT.1010, WLIT.1020, WLIT.2110, WLIT.2120
Latin: Literature3, 4 or 5WLLA.30303
Latin: Virgil3, 4 or 5WLLA.30303
Music Theory3, 4 or 5MUTH.10103
Physics 13, 4 or 5PHYS.1030 & PHYS.1030L4
Physics 23, 4 or 5PHYS.1040 & PHYS.1040L4
Physics C - Mechanics3, 4 or 5PHYS.1410 & PHYS.1410L4
Psychology3, 4 or 5PSYC.10103
Spanish Language and Culture3 or 4
WLSP.1010 & WLSP.1020
WLSP.1010, WLSP.1020, WLSP.2110, WLSP.2120
Spanish Literature and Culture3, 4 or 5WLSP.3010 & WLSP.30206
Statistics3, 4 or 5MATH.28303
United States History3, 4 or 5HIST.1110 & HIST.11206
World History4 or 5HIST.1070 & HIST.10806

Foreign Language Achievement Tests of the College Entrance Examination Board

University credit is granted on the recommendation of the Department of Languages to entering freshmen who have demonstrated satisfactory language competency through the Language Achievement tests of the College Entrance Examination Board. University credit on the intermediate course level will be given to students achieving scores of 550 or better. Such credit will satisfy any language proficiency requirement specified for students by their major departments. 

CourseCourse Credit Limits Through Advanced Placement with Credit

The maximum number of credits that may be granted to any student through advanced placement procedures, including departmental equivalency examinations, is 30 semester credits. Under no circumstances will duplicate examination credit be granted to students who present formal course work for transfer. Nor will examination credit be granted to transferring students for the purposes of reducing either the major field residency requirement of 15 credits or the general residency requirement of 30 credits in university courses.