Exercise Physiology Major

 The Exercise Physiology Bachelor of Science program gives students the confidence and skills necessary to educate, transform and inspire people to live healthier lives through the study of the body’s response to exercise. With a strong foundation in the sciences, the curriculum prepares students for the capstone senior clinical practicum in a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation setting or a private or corporate fitness center. On completing the BS in Exercise Physiology, students are prepared to take certification examinations by the American College of Sports Medicine or the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

All students are expected to demonstrate the essential abilities and skills necessary to work accurately and safely with peers and patients/clients in a variety of settings, including classroom, laboratory, and practice settings. Students are expected to assume responsibility for life-long learning and professional career development.

There are numerous career opportunities for graduates of the Exercise Physiology program. Graduates can work as exercise practitioners (group exercise instructor, personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach) in private or corporate fitness settings or with sport teams. The focus is on improving or maintaining health, fitness, or performance. Graduates can work in sports medicine (the field of medicine dealing with injuries sustained in athletic endeavors and/or illnesses impacting sport performance). Practice settings may include sports medicine clinics or sports training facilities. Graduates can also work as clinical exercise physiologists in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation settings, including hospitals, outpatient clinics, and medically supervised fitness centers. Patients/clients present with cardiac and pulmonary conditions, and may be recovering from surgery or acute hospitalization.

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