Exercise Science Minor

Students that are interested in the Exercise Science minor offered by the Department of Physical Therapy & Kinesiology must first obtain the authorization of the department and present no less than 23 semester hours in the minor field with at least 7 credits worth of elective courses.

Students must have successfully completed EXER.2020 Introduction to Exercise Science with a grade of B- or higher (2.7 GPA) prior to declaration of minor.

Required Courses

  • HSCI.1010 Anatomy and Physiology I
  • HSCI.1030 Anatomy and Physiology I Lab
  • HSCI.1020 Anatomy and Physiology II
  • HSCI.1040 Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
  • EXER.3050 Exercise Physiology
  • EXER.3070 Exercise Physiology Laboratory
  • EXER.4300 Exercise is Medicine


  • EXER.3350 Sport and Exercise Biomechanics
  • EXER.4060/4080 Foundation of Strength and Conditioning with Laboratory
  • EXER.4200 Advanced Study in Exercise Science
  • EXER.4240/4260 Motor Control and Learning with Laboratory


  • Students must successfully complete all required and elective courses with a B- or higher to remain in minor.
  • Students can retake or substitute elective courses if a grade is below B-.

For more information, contact the Department of Physical Therapy & Kinesiology.