Energy Engineering Minor

Required Courses

Fifteen credits of core courses are required in the following subject areas.

Thermal Energy

  • CHEN.3110 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  • MECH.2420 Thermodynamics
  • PLAS.2470 Thermodynamics

Electrical Energy

  • CHEN.2050 Fundamentals of Electricity
  • EECE.2010 Circuit Theory I
  • EECE.2110 Fundamentals of Electricity I 
  • EECE.4260 Power Systems Stability and Control
  • EECE.4440 Power Distribution Systems 

Engineering Economics

  • CHEN.4090 Engineering Economics and Process Analysis 
  • CIVE.4700 Engineering Economics 
  • MTEC.4140 Engineering Economics

Energy Policy, Environment, Society

  • POLI.1750 Introduction to Environmental Politics
  • POLI.4390 Justice and Trade in the Global Economy
  • PHYS.3380 Science and Technology in an Impoverished World

Energy Conversion

  • MECH.4260 Green Energy Engineering 
  • MECH.4420 Design of Thermo-Fluid Systems 
  • EECE.4280 Alternative Energy Sources

Elective Courses 

At least 6 credits of upper division elective courses are required; students must meet all course pre-requisites or obtain permission of the instructor. While not mandatory, it is recommended that the courses be chosen to develop depth within one of the following Energy Engineering tracks.

Energy Conservation Systems

  • EECE.5280 Alternate Energy Sources
  • MECH.5290 Fuel Cell Fundamentals
  • MECH.5340 Green Combustion and Biofuels
  • MECH.5420 Convective Heat/Mass Transfer
  • PLAS.5470 Materials for Renewable Energy and Sustainability

Electric Power

  • EECE.5140 Integrated Power Systems
  • EECE.5150 Power Electronics

Nuclear Engineering 

  • ENGY.3310 Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering
  • ENGY.4340 Nuclear Reactor Theory
  • ENGY.4350 Nuclear Reactor Engineering
  • ENGY.5340 Fundamentals of Nuclear Security and Safeguards

Solar Engineering

  • MECH.5210 Solar Fundamentals 
  • MECH.5270 Solar Energy Engineering 
  • MECH.5280 Photovoltaics Manufacturing
  • MECH.5250 Grid-Connected Solar Electric Systems
  • MECH.5320 Off-Grid Solar Electric Systems

Wind Engineering 

  • MECH.5580 Aero/Wind Engineering
  • MECH.5830 Advanced Aerodynamics

Additional courses may be added by the College of Engineering to the list of elective courses.

For more information, contact the College of Engineering.