Undergraduate Research Opportunities and Collaborations (UROC) promotes and facilitates experiential learning of undergraduate students through participation in research and creative activities.

UROC programs are flexible and provide scholarly opportunities for students in all majors and across all academic levels, during the academic year and beyond. Students can assist a faculty or staff member with their research on campus or participate in off-campus research at a community-based organization or governmental agency with an advisor. Students can also opt for an international seminar, exchange or field-based experience. The opportunities vary from laboratory research in a large group to scholarly activity with a mentor to working at an off-campus organization. Students may assist with faculty research outside of existing UROC programs (Immersive Scholars, Emerging Scholars, or Business and Entrepreneur Scholars in Training).

Become a Mentor

Interested in mentoring an undergraduate student scholar or doing research with a student that isn't already captured in a UROC program?

UMass Lowell Co-op Scholar Ashly Tran standing in front of research poster
Ashly Tran, Immersive Scholar
Chemical Engineering

Prepared for the Future

“I was very fortunate to have been able to work with Dr. Gu and Dr. Gao, and develop laboratory, research and professional skills as a freshman. Not only did I learn about working with nanomaterials, but I also feel that the Co-op Scholar Program has prepared me for future work and academic opportunities.”