University Crossing is serviced by three parking Lots, the Fletcher Street Lot, the Salem Street Lot and the Pawtucket Street public parking metered lot; as well as metered parking along Fr. Morrissette Blvd

Visitor parking is across from Admissions. Public transportation is also available.

Fletcher Street Lot

Located on Whiting Street via Fletcher Street, this parking lot is reserved for faculty and staff during business hours. On weekends and after 5 p.m. weekdays students with valid decals are allowed to park in the lot.  

In the event the Fletcher Street Lot fills and there is no available parking, the university has come to an agreement with the City of Lowell to allow faculty, staff and assigned vendors with a valid faculty, staff decals or vendor hangtags to park at the parking meters on Father Morissette Blvd., Monday – Friday until 7:30 p.m. Vehicles that are displaying the appropriate UMass Lowell decal simply park at a Father Morissette meter between the Northern Canal Bridge (Father Morissette and Pawtucket) and the Tsongas Center.  

Please note
that the meters are not reserved for UMass Lowell exclusively and the general public may also be paying for the use of the metered parking. 

Salem Street Lot

Located off Salem Street across the street from the Salem Street entrance to University Crossing, this lot is reserved for cabinet members, reserved visitors and University Crossing Preferred decal holders. Lot access will be controlled by Parking Ambassador during business hours and will be secured by a parking gate on evenings, weekends and holidays.  

Pawtucket Street Public Metered Lot

The university constructed a metered lot on Pawtucket Street across from the University Crossing. The lot is intended for public use in support of the retail operations at University Crossing. UMass Lowell employees and students are welcome to park in the metered lot but must pay the metered rate. Your UMass Lowell parking decal does not give you free parking access to this lot and the use of ProCards or university funds is strictly prohibited.  

If you have any questions, contact the UCAPS Office at 978-934-2800 or  

Father Morissette Blvd.

University staff are permitted to park on Father Morissette Blvd. starting from where Pawtucket Street and Father Morissette meet and ending near the Tsongas Center.

If for any reason you receive a meter violation from the city while parking on Father Morissette, please contact the UCAPS Office within 21 calendar days to review the citation. If the UCAPS Staff determines that you had the appropriate decal for the vehicle and the citation is invalid, we will contact the city to have it voided. 

Please note that this does not extend to student parking.

Bus Service

Visit Transportation Services for the latest shuttle schedule.

Bus #7 of the LRTA makes a stop near the River Hawk Shop.

A list of alternative methods of transportation can be found under Sustainable Transportation.

If you have any other question please contact the Transportation Services office.