Becoming an EMT: It's Easier than You Think!

  • An EMT class only takes one semester (Fall, Spring, or Summer)
  • If you are a full-time UMass Lowell Student, the course can be taken through the NECCUM program here at UMass Lowell. Gaining you up to 6 transfer credits, and you can take the class at no additional out of pocket cost.
  • The UMass Lowell EMS Cadet Program allows you to ride in the trucks and train during your course. The program greatly improves your success in both the course and the state exam.
  • Our unique and incredible flexibility allows you to live a normal day as a UML student and get paid for it! We also offer flexible scheduling and opportunities for hourly pay!

Benefits to Students

  • Criminal Justice majors benefit by working directly with UMass Lowell Police Department, providing contacts, and field experience.
  • Nursing majors benefit by gaining patient interaction and medical contacts.
  • Pre-Health majors benefit by gaining medical knowledge by actually working in the medical field! Pre-PA students' further benefit from patient contact hours!
  • All students of all majors benefit with resume building, financial compensation, on-campus networking, off-campus networking, leadership skills/opportunity, and many more skills that will benefit you and your future career.

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