"Immigration, Culture, and Community" Virtual Field Trip

Program Description

Discover the stories of people who came from all over the world to Lowell and who now make up the city’s diverse community. By investigating primary sources, oral histories, and objects, students learn about the immigrant groups who arrived in the U.S. in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, including why they came, how they met the challenges of settling in a different environment, and how they contributed to their new community.


Social Studies


Immigrants, refugees, community, cultural diversity, regional geography, community

Massachusetts History and Social Science Framework Connections

Grade 4
4.T4.4. Explain that many different groups of people immigrated to the United States from other places voluntarily and some were brought to the United States against their will (as in the case of African slaves).
4.T4a.4. Develop questions, conduct research, and analyze how people have adapted to the environment of the Northeast, and how physical features and natural resources affected settlement patterns, the growth of major urban/suburban areas, industries or trade.
4.T4a.5. Describe the diverse cultural nature of the region, including contributions of Native Peoples (e.g., Wampanoag, Iroquois, Abenaki), Africans, Europeans (e.g., the early settlements of the Dutch in New York, French near Canada, Germans in Pennsylvania, the English in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire, subsequent 19th and early 20th century immigration by groups such as Irish, Italian, Portuguese, and Eastern Europeans) and various other immigrant groups from other regions of the world in the later 20th and 21st centuries (e.g., Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans, Salvadorans, Colombians, Guatemalans, Brazilians, Haitians, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Chinese, Indians, and Somalis).

Yankees and Immigrants


Massachusetts Grade 4

Other states Grades 5 or 6

Student # limit


Program duration

45-50 minutes

Program format/software platform

Classroom, home, and hybrid options are available. The classroom version requires individual computers (with headphones) or a computer and projector/smart-board. Home versions require each student to have their own computer or tablet. 

All programs require Zoom software. We will provide a passcode-protected link to share.

Suggested pre-program activities

"Lowell: The Continuing Revolution" Video 
Writing Prompt: Immigration

Suggested post-program activities

Stories from the Virtual Field Trip

Lowell’s Irish Community: “A School for Kids Like Me” 
Exploring Similarities and Differences Through Cultural Objects 
Pushes and Pulls: Why People Immigrate

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The cost is $125.00 per program.

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