Yankees and Immigrants

Grades 4-12


The Industrial Revolution depended on people who ran the machines in factories. In the early part of the 19th century, those machines were largely operated by Yankee “mill girls” from farms all over New England. Soon they were joined by successive groups of immigrants from other parts of the world. Students

  • Become history detectives to learn about an immigrant or refugee who traveled to Lowell.
  • Unpack luggage and examine cultural artifacts. 
  • Participate in a “town meeting” to debate an issue that troubled Lowell’s native-born and Irish immigrants in 1830.
  • Visit a 19th-century boardinghouse to find out how the “mill girls” experienced life in the city.
  • Explore Lowell’s cultural diversity in the new, interactive “One City, Many Cultures” exhibit.

We have many resources to help prepare your students for their visit, and extend learning afterwards.

The Yankees and Immigrants program now includes the short film, "A School for Kids Like Me" shown during the Town Meeting Activity portion of our program. We have gathered resources to use in your classroom for follow-up discussion with your students about the film and activity.

All of our programs have been reviewed to ensure their relevance to state and national standards.

Program details:

  • Field Trip Fee: $225 per group
  • Group Size: Up to 30 students per group.
    • Chaperones: We require a minimum of two (2) adults per group – with a ratio of one (1) adult for every ten (10) students.
    • Each group should include a teacher, one or two chaperones, plus any additional staff (aides, nurses, etc.) your group requires.
    • Maximum of six (6) adults per group.

Plan your visit now.

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The Tsongas Industrial History Center is an education partnership between the University of Massachusetts Lowell School of Education and the National Park Service at Lowell National Historical Park.

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