Students who pose a concern for their own safety, or that of others, must be reported immediately to the UMass Lowell Police Department (UMLPD). A STARS referral can then be placed to document the behavior for follow up or assessment. STARs referrals are not reviewed during non-business hours.

Safety Concerns – for the student

In situations where a student has written or vocalized self-harm or suicidal ideation this must be reported directly and immediately to the UMLPD by the person who witnessed or received this threat. Call extension 44-911 on-campus; or call: 978-934-2911 off-campus.

The student may say or write such things as:

  • “I have no reason to live.”
  • “I am going to end it all.”
  • “I may just jump of the bridge.”
  • “No one will care if I am here or not.”
  • “Life is hopeless.”

There are many ways a student may express suicidal ideation; when in doubt call UMLPD immediately.

Safety Concerns – for self

  • Student sends frequent, lengthy, "ranting" or threatening types of emails to professor / Teaching Assistant (TA).
  • Student writes concerning content in papers or essays indicating potential self-harm or harm to others.
  • Student behaves physically threatening toward you or another person with you.

Safety Concerns – for the community

  • Student indicates in writing or verbally thoughts of harming others in the community.
  • Student writes or verbalizes a plan to cause harm.
  • Student indicates they have a weapon or weapons and plans to cause harm.
  • Student leaves a backpack or bag, or an item somewhere and walks away.
  • Student posts threatening messages on social media.

Safety Concerns – for an individual

  • Student posts a direct threat toward an individual on social media.
  • Student verbalizes or writes a direct threat toward an individual.
  • Student behaves in a threatening manner toward another person.

In all of these situations you must call UMLPD immediately and report what you have seen, heard, or experienced. There is no other option; after reporting the situation then please submit a STARS report which will be forwarded to the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities. Call extension 44-911 on-campus; or call: 978-934-2911 off-campus.