Who is on the STARs Team?

The following areas are represented in the STARS Team with different levels of responsibility within the team. You will note most areas have two staff members on the team - one is the primary member and the other is the secondary member. If you have a question or concern, please complete the Reporting Form. If you want to connect with a person to discuss the STARS process, please contact Annie Ciaraldi, Kate Legee, or Michael Coughlin, the tri-chairs listed below.

Please note: the team members work Monday through Friday during regular business hours. If there is a posted “out of office” message on email, please understand you will not receive a response until the staff member has returned to work.

Do not use email or a phone call in lieu of the submission of a STARS report.

Tri-Chairs of the STARS Team

Annie CiaraldiAssociate Dean of Student Affairs978-934-2104Ann_Ciaraldi@uml.edu
Kate LegeeDirector, Student Rights and Responsibilities978-934-5328Kate_Legee@uml.edu
Michael CoughlinAssociate Director, Student Rights and Responsibilities978-934-5096Michael_Coughlin@uml.edu

Members - specific staff are subject to change

(Name and Department)

  • Deborah Edelman-Blank, Counseling Services
  • Patrick Hagan, Counseling Services
  • Angelique Conto, Counseling Services
  • Jodi Rachins, Disability Services
  • Lauren Tornatore, Disability Services
  • Kristen Larson, Health Services
  • Melissa Wall, Prevention Education
  • Amanda Hemond, Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Hannah Monbleau, Student Life & Wellbeing
  • Jim Whitaker, Residence Life
  • Jon Bragg, Residence Life
  • Rich Doria, Student and Parent Support Services / UML Strive
  • Casey Lane, Athletics
  • Francine Coston, Enrollment Services
  • Stacey Felix, The Solution Center
  • Angela Glaude, The Solution Center
  • Justin Gerstenfield, Academic Services
  • Sue Casey O’Neill, College Based Professional Advising
  • Jen Keene-Crouse, College Based Professional Advising
  • Sal Mazzone, International Student and Scholars Office
  • Alyssa Martin, International Student and Scholars Office
  • Ron Dickerson, UMass Lowell Police Department (UMLPD)
  • Melissa Mullen, UMLPD