Referrals can be made by completing the STARs electronic referral form. This form allows for 24-hour reporting; however, please note that referrals are not reviewed until the next business day.

If you believe your referral requires immediate attention, or if there is an imminent threat of any kind, call the UMass Lowell Police Department (UMLPD) on campus at extension 44-911 or call: 978-934-4911.

What Happens When I Make a Referral?

  • The STARS Team has developed a protocol to ensure that each concern is addressed appropriately.
  • Each report is reviewed the business day after it is received for urgency.
  • The STARS Team meets every week during the academic year, and on an ad hoc basis during breaks.
  • Each student is assigned a case manager who outreaches to the student to meet with them and discuss the issue, resources, and next steps.
  • Each case is managed individually, and students have the right to participate in supportive care but are not mandated to do so.
  • Reporting parties will not be given information about the students’ ongoing care, as that is both private and may not be determined for a significant amount of time.

In the event that a student is perceived to be at risk of harm to self or others, UMLPD will be contacted immediately for intervention. The reporting party should call immediately instead of reporting through the STARs electronic referral form.

Because referrals are not reviewed during non-work hours, and any individual referral cannot possibly be the first thing reviewed each business day, up to two days may elapse between reporting a concern and a STARS team member reviewing the concern.

Are STARS Reports Confidential?

The bottom line is no. While the reporting person does not immediately reveal who filed the report in most cases, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Often, due to the nature of the reported concern, the reporter may be evident to the student or may need to be revealed to the student in order to facilitate the response. Additionally, students have the legal right to review any reports made about them in their educational file. It is important to note that a student who is in distress may benefit from knowing you care about them.