Proof of Full-Time Enrollment

Those students requiring proof of full-time enrollment for their own insurance company must submit this request to the Registrar's Office.

University Health Plans - Plan Administrator for Student Health Insurance Plan

For general information about the UMass Lowell student health insurance plan, please visit the UMass Lowell portion of the University Health plans website.

University Health Plans will provide you with your member ID number prior to receiving a hard copy of your card, provide general information about the student health insurance plan, update your address information, and provide insurance confirmation letters.

Find a Provider using the UMass Lowell portion of the University Health plans website. Select "Provider Search." Enter the first three letters from insurance ID card "XXP." You can search for a provider by name, specialty or location.

BCBSMA Members Website

To find information about insurance benefits, print ID card and locate Blue Cross Blue Shield provider, see Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts website.

Optional Student Dental Insurance

All university students (regardless of insurance coverage) are eligible for the Optional Dental Insurance Plans. Delta Dental offers UMass Lowell students and their dependents a choice of two optional dental insurance plans:

  • DeltaCare Dental Plan
  • Total Choice Dental Plan

Note:There are other enrollment and effective dates available. See the UMass Lowell portion of the University Health plans website for more information.

Students may enroll in these plans on a voluntary basis; they are not required to have dental insurance. For any questions regarding the enrollment process, please contact University Health Plans via email: or call 833-251-1123.

Optional Vision Care Plan

UMass Lowell also offers to all students an Optional VSP Vision Care Plan. Cost is $185 and a family plan is also available. For enrollment and information on the plan, see UMass Lowell portion of the University Health plans website.

Note: The 2020 / 2021 BCBS health insurance plan covers one routine eye exam visit per 24 months.

Health Insurance Options After Graduation

Graduating students' school insurance plan coverage terminates on July 31. (Only currently enrolled students are eligible for services within the Wellness Center.) The new Health Care Law provides options for finding the best plan for graduating seniors.

Options for obtaining health insurance coverage after graduating are:

  • Stay on parent's insurance plan until age 26
  • Employer health plan
  • Buy health plan on your own. The website will tell you about health care options available in the state where you live.

Affordable Care Act

For further information regarding the state-required coverage, you may consult the Massachusetts Health Connector or call the Health Connector at 617-933-3169.

The Affordable Care Act and Young Adults can be found on the website.