THE 2000'S

Amanda (Mederios) Hwalek (BS 2002 with minor in Computer Science) is a Systems Engineer at Raytheon. Her email address is While at UMASS Lowell, she enjoyed being a member of the Math Club and Honors Program, working at the Faculty Teaching Center, and most importantly, meeting her now husband, Mark Hwalek (B.S. 2003 Management Information Systems).Ý (July 2005)

Richard Gallo (BS, 2004) is an Officer at State Street Corporation. His e-mail address is (June 2018)


Theresa Schille (BS 1992, MS 1994) was promoted to Senior Lecturer in the UML Mathematical Sciences Department in 2018.

Sherry (Fortin) Burkle (BS 1992) has worked at Allmerica Financial in Worcester MA since graduation. She started out working in the actuarial field as an actuarial student and then an actuarial analyst; and is currently a software engineer. Her current email address is: (September 3, 2002)

Ron (R. J.) Shille (BS 1992, MS 1994) works for Chrysalis Symbolic Design, Inc., in North Billerica

Erica Schissler (B. S. 1992 M.S. 1995) was working at Raytheon but seems to have moved. Anyone know where? (5/15/99)

Don DeLuca (BS 1992, MS 1994) is a Software Engineer working at Elm Square Technologies in Andover, MA. (June 25, 2002)

Tracy Drake (BS 1992) writes I continued on to Worcester State College where I received a MED in Secondary Education in 1994. I am currently teaching mathematics at Tantasqua Regional High School in Sturbridge, MA. I also teach workshops all over Massachusetts on methods for teaching mathematics at the high school level.

Andrew "Phred" Fredricks (BS 1992, MS 1994) earned a Ph. D. in Mathematics from RPI in August 2000. He is currently a mathematician at NUWC (Naval Undersea Warfare Center), Newport.

Noreen Flanagan (BS 1993) writes:I earned my M.Ed. in mathematics education in February 2005 and am currently pursuing my Ed.D. in math and science education at UML. I teach mathematics at Whittier Regional Vo-Tech High School in Haverhill, MA. Ý I can be reached at . (July 19, 2005)

Tim Serino (BS 1993) is teaching mathematics at Lynn English HS. (6/4/2018)

John Burke (BS 1993, MS 1995, Ph. D. Arizona State U., 2003) is Co-Founder, President and CEO of Applied BioScience  (

john burke

Rick Otten (BS 1993) is VP of Engineering at Clarivoy.

Tom Walsh (BS 1995, M. Ed. from the College of Education 1997) at the Math Works (maker of MATLAB). "I mostly work on infrastructure and command-line stuff for Stateflow (which is an add-on to MATLAB)." (Saturday, May 25, 2002) .

Amy Crowley (B. S. 1995) writes: "I am currently a Quality Assurance Engineer at a software company in Cambridge (a subsidiary of Simon & Schuster). I love it. Prior toworking here I worked at Applix in Westboro as a Customer Support Engineer. My strong problem solving and analytical skills developed from going through the math program at UML (along with taking many programming classes) have enabled me to excel in the computer industry.

As a QA Engineer I am responsible for developing test plans, testing the software, & checking functional/content specifications."

Amy also reports the following news from the class of 95:

  • James Kenny is working as a Software Engineer at Mercury Computer Systems in Chelmsford and he is going to school part time to get his Master's in Computer Science.
  • Michael Steeves is working at Applix in Westboro as a Customer Support Engineer in the programming group.
  • Christie Deflorio is working as a Supervisor for the Customer Servicedeparment at Andover Bank.(Sept 10, 1997)

Sheilaann M. Purpora (BS 1997) was the winner of the 1997 Mathematics Achievement Award.(6/97)

Doris E. Barrett(BSIS 1997) was the winner of the first Information Systems Award.(6/97)

Randi Wineinger (BS 1998) and Mike Chartier (BS 1998) were the winners of the 1998 Mathematics Achievement Award.(6/98)

Mike Achilles was the winner of the 1998 Information Systems Award. (6/98)

Sue Generazzo (BS, 1999) earned a Master's degree in mathematics at Tufts University. She is teaching at Quincy College, tutoring for Addison Wesley, and making math tutorial videos. Her e-mail address 3, 2003)


 Nancy Lee Harnden (B.A., 1980, English with a minor in mathematics; M.S., 1985, Mathematics). writes

At the time, my name was Nancy Lee Jensen but I have changed my name back to my maiden name, Nancy Lee Harnden. I have been teaching college mathematics since September 1980 as follows

  • 9/80 to 8/01: Instructor at Northern Essex Community College (first full-time and then part-time)
  • 9/89 to 5/92: Assistant Professor at Bentley College (first full-time and then part-time)
  • 9/91 to 5/01: Chair, Mathematics Department at Fisher College (full time)
  • 9/01 to present: Assistant Professor and Director of the Mathematics Learning Center at Bentley College (full-time)
  • (Monday, May 20, 2002)

Dave Clark (B. S. 1980) email writes:I received an M. Eng. degree in Operations Research from Cornell University in 1981. I worked for Bell Laboratories and then Digital as a mathematician / statistician until a few years ago. I am now president of Justice Hill Technologies in Sterling MA, a small consulting firm which specializes in mathematical modeling and simulation. Most of our clients are in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and bio-tech industries. In my spare time I play guitar in a classic rock band called The Blue Flames. I have been married for 20 years and have 3 kids. I would LOVE to hear from any of the gang that used to proctor the individualized calculus courses in the late 70's (hey, it was a great way to meet girls!) (11/7/2002)

Irene (Tobolsky) Wachsler (BS 1985 with minor in Computer Science)

Received my MBA from Babson College in 1998. My business partner, Gerard Lamarche, and I started a company, LamarTech, that offers products and services for the contact center. In addition to doing the technical stuff, every day brings on a different role to play. It's been quite a roller coaster ride and lots of fun in building the company up from scratch.

I'm also heavily involved in community organizing & am working as a lay leader with the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, or GBIO, ( on social justice issues. With so many issues to work on, I decided to focus on the affordable housing crisis. GBIO collected over 125,000 signatures demanding affordable housing which we presented to Celluci, Birmingham & Finneran. We also held an area action last year in which over 3,000 people attended and Birmingham promised the $100 million trust fund. Now, I'm working on Nehemiah which represents a new paradigm to build over 1,000 units of affordable housing throughout Greater Boston. (5/15/2001)

Dennis Goyette (BS (Applied Math) - 1982, MS (Applied Math) 1984) is working as a computer technology instructor at Epsom Central School. Also owner and chief instructor of Shouhanou Traditional Okinawan Karate Do in Weare NH. (May 20, 2002)


Don Goguen (BS '76 and MS '78) is a software developer for Citation Publishing in Scottsdale AZ.

Juan Linares Retired in 2003 from the Venezuelan Oil Industry after working 28 year in Information Technology. Went to culinary academy in Caracas, Venezuela and later got a job as Executive Chef at a Swiss restaurant in Caracas. You may look him up through UMass Lowell's alumni directory. His address is:

Of. 105, PDVSA-EP,
Box 829,
Caracas Venezuela 1010A
(February, 2004)