Paul Meixler (MS-Applied Math, 1999) won the 1999 UML College of Management 10K Business Plan Competition. His plan was for a comprehensive integrated Internet human resources service. Paul is currently employed by WatsonWyatt. (January 4, 2000)

Tom Boucher (MS 1998) is a grad student at Texas A&M and can be reached at tboucher@stat.tamu.edu. He recently passed his qualifying exams! (September 12, 1999)

Dianne Bassett (MS 1997)was named Outstanding Graduate Student in the UMass Lowell Department of Mathematical Sciences for 1997. (6/23/97) 

Donna Dietz (MS 1995) is a Professor of Mathematics at American University in Washington DC. She earned her Ph.D. from RPI in June 2002 and was married on August 2003, to Michael Robinson. Donna's web page at American U. is http://www.american.edu/cas/faculty/dietz.cfm. (Sunday, July 3, 2005)

Mike Williamson (MS 1994) has returned from Europe, where he was teaching mathematics and is now teaching part-time at UMass Lowell(10/23/97)

Rick Drost (MS 1994) is teaching math at Lynnfield (MA) HS. He brought a team from Lynnfield to the Science Bowl Competition at UML in February 1998.(3/2/98)

Bill Peacock (MS 1994) is working for TASC in Reading, MA. (5/29/96)

Beth Lucas (MS 1994) is teaching at Middlesex CC and North Shore CC. She can be reached at john.lucas@mediaone.net.(6/24/96)

John Fantini (MS 1992) is currently teaching at Austin Prep.(1/10/96)

Anne Lin-Yuan Rogers (MS 1992) is working for Rational Software Corp in Santa Clara Cal.(5/29/96)

Karen (Provencher) Harrington (MS-Stat & OR, 1990) can be reached at kh4mom@yahoo.com. She writes:

I taught part time for a while in the UMass-Lowell Continuing Ed, North Shore Community College & Bradford College. I am currently working in the mathematics lab at Merrimack College and have been then since 1993.

I have remarried since Lowell. I have 3 more kids. My kids are ages 19,10,8, 6. My oldest graduated from high school and just finished his first year of college. I do some tutoring and I run a math night program at my kids elementary school. I also do a lot of volunteering at the school. I would love to hear from the TA's I worked with! (May 19, 2003)


Chien Cheng Chen (MS/Computer Option, 1984) is Director of Information Technology Division for the Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co. in Taiwan. He can be reached at cliffchen@fetc.net.tw

Russell Todd (MS 1983) writes: "After graduation I worked as a Mathematician for the Department of Defense at the Naval Underwater Systems Center in Newport, RI. I worked there for three years supporting the research and development of target tracking algorithms for nuclear submarines. From there I moved to a staff position at the MITRE Corporation in Bedford,MA, again working on target tracking and simulation, but this time for the Strategic Defense Initiative. I left MITRE after five years and am now a senior scientific programmer for Lockheed Martin Corporation working as a subcontractor at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. I work in Lincoln's weather sensing group implementing and analyzing the performance of algorithms that detect dangerous weather conditions at airports." (December 12, 1997)

Charles Chisholm (MS 1982) is on the mathematics faculty at Bunker Hill CC (Sept. 1998)


Linda Messia (BSME 1969, MS 1972) writes, "I have been in California. I spent 20 years as a Space Systems Staff Engineer at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space. I finally realized my dream, and made a midlife career change. I am now a tenured Assistant Professor in Mathematics at Ohlone College. I am also the primary lead for the Engineering Department. Life is good! Thanks to all at good old LTI!"