Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase the number of engineering graduates from underrepresented populations and the number of highly qualified and diverse candidates entering careers in higher education. Efforts will be focused on the following critical areas:
  • Increase the number of low-income underrepresented students pursuing an advanced degree and faculty positions with an active and targeted recruitment plan
  • A retention and graduation rate of 100% for S-STEM Scholars and 93% for engineering undergraduate students
  • Increase the graduate admissions rate (self-reported) of underrepresented populations to 45% 
  • Foster social justice educators with beliefs in diversity and inclusion who will promote an inclusive and equitable environment in higher education to retain future generations of diverse students
  • Reach broader audiences through a STEM career podcast to inspire more underrepresented K-12 students to pursue STEM careers.

Vision Statement

To foster the professional development of S-STEM scholars to create a diverse and competitive pool of future faculty candidates in engineering.