The Radiation Laboratory fosters interdisciplinary academic activity to support faculty and student research for UMass Lowell and the entire University of Massachusetts system. The laboratory supports existing UMass Lowell degree programs in sciences, engineering, and other disciplines through faculty and student research, academic course use, student work-study, and student tours.

Distance Education

By taking full advantage of digital data acquisition and control systems in use at the laboratory, remote access to experimental facilities is now possible. Digital neutron radiography can be performed and viewed remotely, for use as both a teaching and research tool.

Another unique capability is a link to real-time and archived data from the UMass Lowell research reactor. Professor John White has established a website to serve as an educational resource for students, instructors, and working professionals interested in the nuclear engineering field. The primary focus is on reactor physics, operations, and the modeling and analysis of nuclear systems. The accessible measured data (power level, flow rate, various temperatures, etc.) allows the illustration of many basic concepts needed in the design and operation of any nuclear system.


Tours of the laboratory may be arranged for during the daytime on weekdays, only by request in advance. Contact us to make an appointment.