Oct. 15: Biden Leads Trump by 10 in National Poll

Pile of 2020 Presidential Election buttons Image by Carsten Reisinger

UMass Lowell Center for Public Opinion conducted a survey Oct. 5 through 12 of 819 likely voters nationwide. 

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Key Findings

  • Former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump among voters with a college degree, 62 percent to 36 percent. Among those without a bachelor’s degree, Biden leads 49 percent to Trump’s 46 percent. However, among white respondents without a degree, Trump leads Biden 61 percent to 36 percent, while Biden leads Trump among whites with a college degree 60 percent to 38 percent.
  • In this poll, Biden does about 10 points better among women than men, leading 57 percent to 38 percent among women who are likely voters and 49 percent to 48 percent among men likely voters. 
  • Asked who they trust more to handle COVID-19, 52 percent of likely voters say Biden compared to 36 percent of likely voters who said Trump.