More than 650 New Hampshire registered voters participated in the UMass Lowell/7News poll conducted Oct. 7-11. With three important elections in that state -- president, U.S. senate and governor -- it appears that in most races likely voters have already made up their minds.

Key findings on Presidential Race 

  • Clinton leads by 6 points, with 52 percent of women supporting Clinton compared to 33 percent supporting Trump. 
  • Effect of leaked tape appears to have minimal impact with 66 percent saying it doesn’t make a difference. 
  • While both presidential candidates have negative favorability ratings, Clinton performs better than Trump on whether each candidate has the “necessary qualifications to be President” (61 percent for Clinton to 34 percent for Trump). 

Key findings for New Hampshire Races 

  • U.S. Senate race is separated by only one point with U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte leading challenger Gov. Maggie Hassan. 
  • Democrat Colin Van Ostern and Republican Chris Sununu are vying for the open seat for Governor. Sununu is polling slightly higher than Van Ostern (41 percent to 39) but this race is the most likely to show movement and be influenced by national trends.