For the first dozen years of PACSI’s existence we organized several events on campus each semester, in addition to the Day Without Violence every April.  Since the advent of the Greeley Scholar for Peace Studies program, much of PACSI’s emphasis has been directed to that effort.  

Over the years, we have endeavored to present diverse topics including local, national, and global issues. We have addressed not only overt violence, but also the more subtle and invisible structural violence connected to gender, race, sexual orientation, poverty, and environmental degradation, while also analyzing the intersections between and among all types of conflict and violence.  We have also worked to promote an understanding of actionable, positive alternatives to violence. 

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, we have paid particular attention to promoting understanding of the deeper causes of terrorism, war, and violence. We also have sought to promote respectful dialogue among people of different political, religious, or other beliefs.

Past topics have included:

  • “Agenda for a New Democracy,” by Ralph Nader
  • “Civil Liberties After September 11”
  • “Democracy and the Politics of War” by Noam Chomsky
  • “The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children”
  • “From Selma to D.C.Statehood: Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement” by James Forman
  • “The Future of Gun Control”
  • “Gays in the Military”
  • “Globalization, Resource Wars and Petro Dollars,” by Michael T. Klare (Hampshire College)
  • “Haiti: Struggle for Democracy”
  • “India-Pakistan: The Bomb”
  • “Issues Facing the Asian Immigrant and Refugee Community”
  • “The Land Mine Epidemic” by Susannah Sirkin (Physicians for Human Rights), part of Day Without Violence 2001
  • “Mentoring and Making a Difference”
  • “National Missile Defense” by Theodore A. Postol and Steven Van Evera (MIT)
  • “Palestinians and Israelis: A People’s Peace Process”
  • “Peace, Social Justice and the Environment” by Linda Stout (activist and founder of Piedmont Peace Project)
  • “Preventing Youth Violence”
  • “The Privilege of Being White” by Noel Ignatiev, part of Day Without Violence 2000
  • “Remembering the Holocaust: 50 Years Later”
  • “South Africa: Transition from Apartheid”
  • Terrorism and War” by Howard Zinn
  • “The Vietnam War in Retrospect”
  • “Working with Women for Peace in the Former Yugoslavia” by Fran Peavey (activist and founder of Crabgrass)

Other workshops, task forces and conferences include:

  • 1993 Conference on Economic Conversion
  • 1994 Task Force on Economic Conversion
  • 1995 Workshop on Economic Development